47 thoughts on “Wind in the Garden”

  1. That is a beautiful composition, Laurie! I also like to watch the wind at work, and also have a set of chimes on the porch for wind to run her fingers through. Wind plays some interesting melodies, and I heard many of them yesterday, and during the night.

  2. With or without willows, the wind is a wonderful thing. I like the color correspondence between the sculpture, the flowers, and the hummingbird feeder.

  3. Laurie, are you saying your part of Maine doesn’t get very windy?? Because I think that might be kind of nice, after all the wicked storms my region has had.

  4. I love the way you have sculptures and such like in your garden – it adds to the magic.

  5. Beautiful!🙂 Hopefully this is our last day of storms this week. We’ve been lucky, but many trees and power lines are down in areas after the high winds last night.

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