Rainy Day Photos from the Garden

Yesterday, the rain came, not driving but instead light and perfect, which nonetheless brought us a goodly amount. Three or four inches, I think. Unfortunately, I don’t have a rain gauge.

Too bad it had to happen on Memorial Day weekend—a holiday in this country where we honor those who have died in military service. We also mourn friends and family who have passed. But there is no denying the rain is much needed. It has been a dry spring.

Here are some scenes from a grateful garden. Or maybe it’s the gardener who is grateful.

61 thoughts on “Rainy Day Photos from the Garden”

  1. It looks like a beautiful garden. And such lovely bird baths. Hope the sun has come out and you enjoy what’s left of the weekend.

  2. Such beautiful scenes. Judging from my own experience with this much-needed rain, I’d say it’s both the garden and the gardener who are grateful. I could almost hear the earth and plants around here sighing with relief. It brought out all the wildlife, too, who were thrilled with fresh water falling from the sky.

  3. Oh, we, too had some MUCH needed rain. Over 4 inches over a few days. Even though we had been working hard at watering, the whole garden went from parched to fulfilled, and it is lovely to see.

    Your pictures are beautiful. Love your water features.

  4. Glad you got the rain! We could use some too. We got a little last week, while I was camping up north. Not sure if we got any down here. What is that white flower that sort of looks like lilly of the valley, but not really?

  5. A grateful garden that reciprocates with those pretty purple bud like bloom. They look not unlike a paper daisy. Do you know their name?

  6. No matter where the garden is in the world, it always looks grateful for rain, in Australia the plants almost get up and dance!
    I hope you had a good Memorial weekend.

    1. We surely did. I have had the flounder for years but have had hardly ever used it. One of my beds has an aquatic theme, and I decided to bring it outside. I think I’ll do it again next year.

  7. Your garden looks refreshed, Laurie. I envy you the rain. We’re at the end of our rain for the season with only five inches total. Our typical season is closer to 15 inches.

    I like your bowl of stones. Is that set out for the bees?

    1. Many thanks! So sorry to read about the lack of rain. Yikes! Five inches for the season. Doesn’t sound like much. The bowl of stones is mostly for ornamentation, but what an excellent idea to keep it filled with clean water for the bees.

  8. How wonderful that your garden could benefit from the ‘right’ kind of rain. Even the lightest of sprinklings of rain here perk up the plants beautifully. I enjoy seeing more peeks of your garden.

    1. When the flowers are in bloom, a driving rain is never welcome. Breaks my heart to see the flowers smashed down, especially irises. We always things to be just right, don’t we?

  9. We’re begging for the rain to stop! After a full week of rain, we have another one coming up. Enough, already! Around here, your birds’ water containers would have to function as boats. I did laugh at Derrick’s comment. I had a sudden vision of a laminated, full-sized photo of Clif holding a rain gauge in his hand. That would be quite an addition to your garden!

    1. Oh, dear! Yes, a full week is enough. A full-sized photo of Clif holding a rain gauge would indeed be quite the addition. I’m sure it would get more than a few comments from friends, neighbors, and passersby. πŸ˜‰

  10. Beautiful photos of a beautiful garden. Thanks for sharing this, Laurie.
    Oh, and if you would like more rain, I can send you some from our currently wet Vancouver Island! πŸ˜€

  11. A light and perfect rain on Memorial Day. I think of it as the sky shedding tears for the fallen, and where they touch the ground, new life grows.

  12. Plants do so much better when the water comes from the sky not the hose! But sometimes it would be useful if the weather gods took note of our wishes for the when!

    1. Right? The weather gods like to toy with us, I think. Dry during the week, when most folks are working. Rain on a holiday weekend, when people want to be outside.

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