Pink blossom against dried Leaves & Episode 9 of My Podcast

Last week, the rain came and beat down this pink hyacinth in leaves of the yet to be cleaned garden bed. It seemed to me that fall and spring, those opposites, were meeting for a final farewell before I removed the leaves.


It’s Wednesday, time for another episode from my podcast Tales from the Other Green Door. Here is Episode 9 of “The Wings of Luck”: “An Elfling, a Grenog, and an Onnea Go for a Bike Ride.” Iris, surely one of the most confident elflings in Portland, Maine, puts her plans into motion. Onward, ho!

And for those who might need to catch up, here is a link to the podcast on our Hinterlands Press website, where the episodes are available in descending order.

47 thoughts on “Pink blossom against dried Leaves & Episode 9 of My Podcast”

  1. This funny spring has got everything mixed up! We had a day of torrential rain earlier this week – welcome to soak the ground and fill the water butts but tough on the plants. We have also had 2 short but vicious hails storms. I love the contrast of the hyacinth and the fallen leaves and your way of looking at them.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. You have had extreme weather! I’m hoping things will calm, and you will get nice soaking rain that doesn’t damage the plants.

      1. Your wish has been granted! It has been raining since I got up and is forecast to keep going all day. Unfortunately it coincides with a workday at Dyfed Permaculture Farm so having got wet walking the dogs I will get soaked again later. I shouldn’t grumble but I do!

      2. WE carried on regardless and whilst others were making cob for the walls and plastered from head to foot in wet mud I worked in the barn on cutting timber for the window frames and stayed dry 😉

  2. This is the first year I’ve seen pink hyacinths, and I think this one’s as lovely as any other; I like the contrast with the leaves. It’s a nice reminder of other seasons for those of us who are moving into ‘serious’ summer.

    1. It’s been a chilly spring in Maine, too. Actually, average. But April came in with a promising warm blast that fizzled out. Just as well, really.

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