Words on Wednesday: Wee Stairs & Episode 5 of my Podcast

The snow has gone, and the ground is fairly dry. Time for yard work, an hour or two each day, tucked in among writing and other chores. While I resent vacuuming, and dusting, I never seem to mind work in the yard. Bring on raking, picking up branches, and clipping unwanted trees and plants. All are a pleasure to me. I suppose it’s because I am outside, under the sky, and all around, I can hear the birds singing their spring songs.

The other day, while I was picking up branches, I came upon these little beauties. They reminded me of wee stairs, and I could visualize sprites and other small creatures climbing them to have drinks on a stump deck. After all, winter keeps them inside, too, and spring is a time for getting out and rejoicing.

Because it’s Wednesday, it’s time for the newest episode of my podcast, Tales from the Other Green Door. In “Donod Ashglade,” Episode 5 of “The Wings of Luck,” Jace and Thirret meet the elf who is behind it all.

60 thoughts on “Words on Wednesday: Wee Stairs & Episode 5 of my Podcast”

  1. I share your lack of enthusiasm for vacuum and dusting as I too prefer being out in the garden. The results of work done there last longer than the housework does too!

  2. Good to see the podcast progressing. ON eday I will get sound on my computer…

    Will we be reading about a set of fairy stairs in a forthcoming book? 🙂

  3. Yes, as Susan said, I liked the photo of the fungi and could just imagine it as a staircase out into the spring air for many wee creatures.

      1. You bet! Right now, I’m at my desk, and I keep sneaking peeks outside. I long to be in my backyard. But, I need to write at least 500 words on Book 4. But I’ll keep sneaking peeks. 😉

  4. I don’t mind inside cleaning, and I don’t mind outside, but I abhor the tasks that combine indoor and outdoor, like window washing. Still, it’s soon going to be time — just as soon as the pollen stops being such a pain. I’d much rather find a stump to sit on and enjoy the weather!

  5. I too prefer outdoor housework to the indoor variety. I love the idea of fairy steps and them sitting out on the stump For cocktails? picnics?

    1. Yes, cocktails and picnics. They bring little folding chairs and tables. They are very careful to clean everything up so there are no traces for blundering humans to find. 😉

  6. Like you, I enjoy all outdoor work as well. The fungus stairs are adorable! I never seem to read at a good time to also listen to your podcast. I will try to find the right time one day when life settles down.

  7. I hear you on dusting & vacuuming (both of which I don’t do, incidentally) – my biggest peeve is ironing. While we keep that to a minimum, it still has to be occasionally done.

    We love fungi of all sorts – they are so fascinating and colourful and wonderfully shaped. Your specimens do look like stairs …

  8. I finally had time to follow the rabbit hole to your podcast. I listened to episode 1 with Earl Grey. Hope that is okay (it was 5:30 a.m. so a good black tea seemed in order). Oh, I’m in California currently, so that is really 8:30 a.m., which is sort of like the morning is nearly over already if I were in West Virginia. Nice to have you read to me. – Oscar

      1. I thought of that and will keep that in mind for evening listens (this world of podcasts is new to me… maybe you could enlighten your readers, aka ME, on how this process works, how you decided on the service, format, production features, do the technical recording, etc.). Now I can envision your voice with your face. -Oscar

      2. Clif handles this, and if you’re interested in learning how to set up a podcast, I will turn you over to him. He would be glad to walk you through the steps.

      3. I’ll see how my free time goes, ha, ha, ha. I have a few cords of wood split and waiting to be hauled over to the woodshed for next winter, trees to plant, food to prepare, etc, etc, etc. Maybe when retirement comes in a few years… (oh, and I have a book of yours to read and about 4 episodes of the Other Green Door to figure out all this elfin stuff…)

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