Words on Wednesday: After the Wind Blew & a New Podcast episode

On Monday, a storm blew in, bringing strong winds. The power flickered off and on, off and on, and Clif and I decided to abandon our day’s work that involved using the computer. The rain bucketed down, and we even had thunder. But no snow, as earlier forecasts predicted—a nor’easter bringing at least a foot. And, aside from the flickering, we never really lost our power. As we Mainers like to say, things could have been worse.

Tuesday was sunny, and while no damage was done, the wind left its mark on the patio.

Easy as can be to pick up the chairs.

If it’s Wednesday, it’s time for a new episode from my podcast, Tales from the Other Green Door: This week, Episode 4—“To Love a Human”—from the story “The Wings of Luck.” While Jace reflects on the vagaries of love, danger and destruction hit close to home. Very close.

67 thoughts on “Words on Wednesday: After the Wind Blew & a New Podcast episode”

  1. Glad to hear you’re all fine and don’t have any damage Laurie 💚🙏

  2. As others have said, glad the only damage was a few knocked over chairs! It is a horrible, grey rainy autumn day here, so plan to stay put until I have to go out and listen to your podcast 🙂

  3. This cracked me up. Every time there’s a storm down here — especially one that brings significant wind but no terrible damage — someone will post a photo of a couple of chairs tipped like yours, with a caption that says something like, “WE WILL REBUILD!”

    I’m glad your “damage” was so easily put right!

  4. Laurie,
    The promised storm last night did not live up to expectations. We could have used more rain, but are glad we missed the wind as recent blows have taken shingles off our roof. Last few days were warm, lovely really. Now back to early March before spring really arrives.

    1. I’m not keen on it either, especially when it knocks out power and does damage. Unfortunately, we are getting far more damaging wind than we did fifteen or twenty years ago.

  5. Captivated by the tales and wondering what books and records are on their bookshelves! Wonderful to read you made it through with no damage or power loss. We’ve had many extremely windy days and the last few years the amount of high wind days keep increasing.

  6. I’m glad you avoided the predicted snow and that the only “damage” amounted to a few toppled chairs. It’s good to hear that the power stayed on as well.

  7. It’s been blustery here, too. We even had snow flurries yesterday (very odd for April in this part of the world). I’m glad you didn’t get hammered with snow and that the damage was limited to knocked over chairs. 🙂

  8. Glad to hear you had no wind damage. We are back to cold weather again and snow is predicted for tomorrow, yikes !!!!

      1. It’s snow but it is not cold enough to stay for long. Nature is just so confused, Summer one day, the next snow and freezing nights…I’m ok but my plants are suffering.

  9. I am glad the storm spared you, Laurie and Clif.

    I enjoyed your podcast! If only our animal companions had some elfin longevity… ❤

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