Snow-Gauge Clif: Week 4

The fourth week of March has brought some big changes to our yard in the woods. The past few days have been warm—60°, very mild for this time of year—and sunny. The snow has shrunk to the point where it seems we are in April rather than March.

Our shady front yard still has a fair amount of snow, but it is slowly melting.

In the backyard, however, real progress has been made, and much of the snow is gone. The expression on Clif’s face indicates he can hardly believe there is so little snow in our backyard in March.

Last week, going against Tootlepedal’s wise advice to the contrary, I decided to tempt the weather gods. Grabbing the metal shovel from our dilapidated shed, I chipped ice and shoveled snow from our patio. Normally, I just let the snow and ice melt on its on, but this year I was keen to have the chairs back out so that I could sit in the sun on nice days. And, because Clif and I have not yet been vaccinated, safely have friends over from time to time.

Voilà! Snow-Gauge Clif taking a much-needed break after he was done with the exhausting work of measuring snow.

Today, the temperature rose to 60°F, which really is a heatwave for this time of year. My friend Judy came over for a visit, the first since around the holidays.

How nice it was to sit in the sun and chat with her. We were actually both a little hot.

Will the snow gods send us an early spring blizzard? Perhaps, but I sure hope not.

Stay tuned!


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  1. The long range forecast looks pretty mild, so once the shady areas melt, we should be home free.
    We took our adirondack chairs out yesterday and just sat in the sun – heavenly! Our skin just drank up those rays. 🙂

  2. It’s actually a little difficult to remember the times when we lived in places where the snow lasted all winter long.
    At least along the Front Range of the Rockies whatever snow we have usually disappears after a few days at most. Last night it snowed 6 inches and almost all of it has melted already!
    I hope you will get your wished-for spring blizzard (a gentle one, though!).
    Happy springtime,

  3. I remember chipping snow and ice off of the driveway from days back east! You did a great job on the patio, and it looks inviting! April is almost here. Hard to believe 1/4 of this new year is just about gone.

  4. I love that you have a clear patio, and some sun to make it even more inviting. Even if snow comes now, it won’t linger for long. Clif looks so content in that chair — a rest well deserved, I’d say. I’m glad you had a chance to share some of that sunshine with a friend. 60F is still a little cool for me, but it’s perfectly acceptable.

    Are you scheduled for your vaccine? I hope so. I just learned today that fifty percent of my county’s residents over 16 have been vaccinated, and at this point there’s no waiting list for immunizations. You can just pick your day and time and go. The more the merrier, I say — healthier, too!

  5. Clif is looking very pleased, and rightly so, there seems to be a lot less snow than last time Clif stood in the garden with the snow gauge. The sun on the snow is lovely to see, and also your patio looks ready for coffee/tea and conversation!

    1. Soon, soon I hope. Still haven’t been called by our local hospital. We are planning on checking with other places if they don’t get back to us this week.

  6. Funny, we were just plotting yesterday about where to position our garden furniture which is still in the garage after our move from France. The sun, when it’s out, has started to have a wee bit of strength in it so it seemed weird when my ex-neighbour in France sent some snowy photos a couple of days ago.

    1. Well, that’s a good question. But he’s not measuring the snow on the patio, but rather in the yard. And I haven’t cleared any snow in either the front of the back. The sun has done all the clearing. So I would say not really. 😉

  7. It is lovely to see your chairs out and to hear that you are able to use them and have a visitor. I have been able to sit outside for a cup of coffee or a bite of lunch a couple of times and it feels soooo good! At the weekend I visited Mrs Snail (The Snail of happiness) and Mr Snail which felt amazing but left all 3 of us exhausted – we are so unused to socialising! We sat in their limery with plenty of air flow and as we are all very hermit-ish felt that was pretty safe.

    1. It was glorious to sit on the patio and visit with a friend. And, oh, I am green with envy that you got to visit with Mrs. & Mr. Snail. Would love to visit in person with all of you!

      1. I wish you could! I love having friends across the world through blogging but it saddens me that I probably will not meet any of you in the flesh. It just happened that before I| started blogging but was following some others I realised the Snails live relatively near me and suggested we meet up. We met for lunch in a cafe near them and were still talking hours later! I bet the same would happen if I were able to meet you and Cliff for real!

      2. I feel exactly the same way. Yes, we would have lots to talk about. In my dreams, I visit England, Wales, and Scotland and meet my many blogging friends. What a treat that would be!

      3. And I dream about being able to afford to travel to the USA and Australia to meet mine!

  8. We also have broke the 60 degree mark a couple of times, but our snow is entirely gone. Looks like the weather is going to put Snow Gage Cliff out of a job!

  9. I am happy for you that you got to see and visit with a friend and you can see more ground. There is no way I could live where there is that much snow. We just keep getting rain and very little sunshine.

      1. You are right about that. I have lived for short periods of time where winter brings lots of snow but settled where I was born because I only like snow that lasts for two or three days st most.

  10. We’ve been without snow since February, and I for one am thrilled!! Feeling the warm sun on my face does me a world of good. I’ve noticed that some of our trees are starting to bud, and I’ve caught a few daffodils starting to open — so maybe Spring really is on its way!!

  11. How lovely you’ve been able to sit on the patio already Laurie, it looks beautiful! 🌞

  12. Looks to be a delightful place to sit and enjoy the sun and spring weather. So the snow has melted earlier this year? Do you feel it is warmer than usual?

    1. Yes to both questions. We are at least two weeks ahead of where we usually are this time of year. Generally, the snow isn’t gone until the end of April. The way things are going, it will be gone by the end of next week, the first of April. Unless of course, a blizzard blows in. 😉

  13. Hello Laurie. I’m glad you were able to enjoy some sun and friendship on your patio. Who knows what Mother Nature will bring in the next week, but at least you got to enjoy a sneak peek of springlike weather. I’m coming to you through a comment you left on Donna’s Retirement Reflections. Cheers!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Rumor had it that a big snowstorm was coming our way, but now it looks as though we’ll mostly be getting rain. Time will tell!

  14. I always sun-starved by spring, Laurie, so I can relate to how wonderful it feels to still outside in that balmy 60-degree weather. The patio looks so inviting! Enjoy.

  15. I love how you both are so relaxed around snow & what would be freezing weather – this is coming from me, who has never been around enough snow to make either a snowman or a snow angel before!

    That seems like an enormous effort to move the snow – but you have your patio back. Enjoy the sun and the visits with friends!

      1. He seems to love it! As do the international kids he looks after in the dorms. Lots of pics & videos of them playing in the snow!

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