Episode 2 of My Podcast, Tales from the Other Green Door

It’s Wednesday, and that means “Hiding Luck,” Episode 2 of “The Wings of Luck,” is available from our podcast, Tales from the Other Green Door. In “Hiding Luck,” Jace and Thirret must decide how to protect Ginni the grenog and Tove the onneaย  from the sinister elf, Donad Ashglade.

Thanks to all who listened to “A Grenog Comes to the Cafรฉ,” Episode 1 of the podcast. I so appreciate all the kind words and encouragement.

Getting the knack of doing a good recording for the podcast has taken—ahem—a bit of work, but I have enjoyed the challenge, and I feel as though both Clif and I are more sure of how to make a good recording. It seems that old dogs really can learn new tricks.

Anyway, hope to see you at The Other Green Door, where they have the best croissants and magical relics in town.

42 thoughts on “Episode 2 of My Podcast, Tales from the Other Green Door”

  1. Great podcast, Laurie. Love the music, and the sound is great. I just finished “Out of Time” and, holy cow, I loved it! That ending was huge. I had no idea what was coming.

      1. These books are so well written. Such good character development, an exciting plot and absolutely no typos. (My eagle eye spots typos in almost every book I read.) I was sad to have it end (for now).

  2. My daughter and I met you a few years ago at the Steep Falls farmers market and bought Maya and the book of everything, and Library Lost. At the time I think my daughter was 8. I read the books aloud to her and we were both enthralled! We anxiously awaited Out Of Time. Today we finished it. We are so impatient for the next installment of the Great Library Series! Thank goodness we have The Other Green Door podcast while we wait. We love your books! (Write fast please!)

    1. Many, many thanks for reading my books, listening to our podcast, and for taking the time to write. I so appreciate it. Really, your note made me day. You will be pleased to know that I’m 20,000 words into Book 4—At Sea. Onward, ho!

  3. Hi Laurie, Your name is familiar to me but I found you today through Frank at Beachwalk Reflections. I am impressed with your podcast and your lovely voice. You have the perfect voice for reading your books and poetry. Was it hard to do? I’ve tried and found it to be an ordeal. Have a great weekend. Marsha ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words. There was a learning curve involved. It helps that my husband did audio and video presentations for his work before he retired. He knows how to make the podcast sound good. It took me several tries before I figured out how to read without sounding flat, and we had to ditch the first few takes. I listen to a lot of podcasts and from their hosts, I learned that you need to vary tone and expression. Of course you don’t want to sound too over-the-top and come off like a hammy actor. Tricksy, as the British might say.

      1. I have tried it for years. I did a video when I was working to advertise History Day for our county office of education. One of the other consultants suggested that I have children record the script. Not a bad idea from an advertising standpoint, but also from the sound of my voice, too. Did you use the new WordPress podcast that they pop up on our screen now?

      2. Mine too, after nine years of blogging! I have used Audacity. That is an amazing program. It’s putting it altogether and the time involved is immense for me. One thing I wanted to do was when I interview people either on audio or video, it would be nice to be able to transcribe it and have it available for free distribution. I gave up trying to figure that out. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. The episodes download automatically on my podcast app – but even it didn’t, Younger Daughter reminded me that Ep 2 was out!

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