68 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland at the Lake”

  1. Hinterland winter wonderland! It reminds me of one of those old Frazier episodes when Frazier, his dad, and his brother spent a night in one of those fishing shacks. I don’t suppose those come with heating.

      1. Really? Well, that would help. You might guess I have no experience at that sort of thing. I have fished, but it was from the shoreline in the middle of summer. : )

  2. At this point, ‘winter wonderland’ qualifies as an oxymoron — unless, of course, you mean you’re wondering if the power’s going to come back on this winter.

      1. Just what we need to hear. Come on down and spend August and early September with us. Our 110F with 90% humidity ought to make for a neat “tradesies”!

  3. You’re finally getting the winter Maine residents love, huh, Laurie? Yeah! It’s quite beautiful, you know, and I’m happy to enjoy your photos from the warmth of my home, ha!

    1. I did it in Picasa, an old Google video editor that unfortunately has been discontinued. We had Picasa installed on a computer that came over with the pilgrims, and we just keep transferring it new computers. Very easy to use and has most of the things you need. Too bad Google discontinued it. Clif uses Gimp for more involved editing.

  4. Lovely pictures! Near here there is a stretch of sand dunes where there are a few cabins. I imagine it started as people building a little shack like a beach hut – no planning permission or anything – just a little hut to shelter in. Which grew a bit and go more amenities and now they are lived in and really quite desirable! Not possible on the lake of course because the ice will melt!

    1. Yes, those cabins in the dunes sound as though they are akin to the ice fishing shacks, with the difference being that the shacks are only brought out when there is ice and must be hauled away before the big melt.

      1. Yum … what kind did you make? I ended up with a simple carrot, onion, celery and radish in a chicken broth, with a touch of fresh tomatoes and dried lime (Younger Daughter decided she wanted a touch of citrus).

      2. Ah! I love the idea of using cauliflower in place of rice, dairy, meat ….
        Actually, come to think of it, I don’t put dairy in my soups, even the creamy ones. Blending them seems to create enough of a texture for me.

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