Quercus’s Review of Out of Time

As I have noted before, one of the great pleasures of blogging is having friends all around the world and seeing places that I will probably never visit. To add to that pleasure, blogging friends who have a fondness for YA fantasy often read my novels. Occasionally they will even write a review of my books.

My blogging friend Quercus, who lives in England, recently read Out of Time, the newest book in my Great Library Series, and took the time to write a review. Here is an excerpt:

According to the Amazon details the book has 276 pages. It didn’t seem like it. Time flew,and although I spread it over two nights, it finished too soon. If there was another in the series I would definitely buy it right away. Unfortunately, there isn’t.

That’s really all you need to know. It’s less than £3 on Kindle, so what are you waiting for?

Of course, book reviews are supposed to be slightly longer than that so I’ll just add a bit of waffle. The action takes place in a magic county called Elferterre (somebody is showing their French roots again!) , which is a convincing place, and has an excellent talking cat. There are very few books that can’t be improved by the addition of a talking cat, so this is good to see.. Even  a talking cat couldn’t improve Don Quixote, but I won’t go into that..

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It really tickled me that Quercus caught Elferterre’s French connection. I was also very pleased to read that he would have immediately bought Book 4 if it had been available.  (I’m working on it!)

Many thanks, Quercus,  for giving Out of Time a close reading and then writing a review of it.



40 thoughts on “Quercus’s Review of Out of Time”

  1. How exciting, getting a solid review like that! YA Fantasy isn’t my genre of choice, Laurie, but as one writer to another — bravo!!

  2. A great review, congratulations.
    I still have the first two books on my Kindle. I haven’t got round to them yet but they’re on my list.

  3. I seem to have left an extra “that” in the part you quote – sorry about that. Eliza has given me an idea – when the next one is ready for release I can read the whole lot in one go. Happy days! 🙂

    1. No worries! Typos happen. Dratted things. I think for Book 4, I will provide a brief synopsis of Book 3. That way, readers can refresh their memories. Two years is a long time to keep the plot in mind.

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