The Weather Gods Laugh

This weekend, our friends Beth and John came over for a socially-distanced visit. The weather forecast had indicated that the temperature on both Saturday and Sunday would be in the mid-30s, which it was. Unfortunately, when Beth and John came on Saturday, there was also a brisk breeze, which made it just that much colder.

Here are Beth and John, bundled up.

With the cold, they could only stay an hour, but it sure was nice to see them. Naturally, we talked about the horrible events on Wednesday. How could we not speak of this day of infamy when it hasn’t even been a week since the mob stormed the Capitol? We are all still reeling.

Then the weather gods enjoyed having a little laugh at our expense. The weather on Sunday was still and sunny and thus felt much warmer even though it was still in the mid-30s.

A perfect day to walk down to the Upper and Lower Narrows Ponds, which are big and deep enough to be considered lakes. (I’ll write more about the Narrows in a future post.)

The sky was a brilliant blue that usually only comes in the winter in Maine. Here is a picture of a pine tree against the sky.

The lower Narrows, churned by a current that runs through a culvert under the road, still has a fair amount of open water.

Enough for a few ducks resting on a skim of ice.

The Upper Narrows, on the other hand, has a sweep of snowy ice. Friends who live on the shallow end have told me that folks have begun ice fishing.

A short walk, but a good one. So cozy to come back to a warm home, make a cup of tea, and have a nice long talk with our eldest daughter.

Technology is no substitution for seeing her in person, but it certainly is better than nothing.





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  1. Beth and John must be awfully good friends to sit out there in the cold, and you, too, with them! We had snow again yesterday! Twice this winter, and I can count on my fingers the times it’s snowed in the 38 years I’ve lived in Texas–maybe seven or eight. And it never sticks because the ground stays fairly warm. Maine it isn’t!

  2. We, too had, Sat. company: our kids and grandchildren. We were outside a long time as we also took a walk so two of the children could enjoy a new hobby — whacking ice on streams and river edges.

  3. Sunday was an exceptional day for January. The sun felt so warm, even though not typical of the first month of the year, I’ll take it.
    Btw, OOT just arrived, boy, USPS took its time on this one– 31 days in transit – looking forward to digging into it. 🙂

    1. Wow! From other blogging friends, I am hearing the same story about how slow the postal service was in December. I had no idea until just a few days ago. As I am sure you have gathered, I mail books promptly, a day or two after they have been ordered.

      1. I know, you put it in the mail the very next day, but I’m told media mail got warehoused as the Christmas packages got priority. When I periodically checked tracking, it seemed stuck in a facility outside Boston. At least they didn’t lose it!

  4. Nice to have such a pretty destination for a walk. I am still reeling from the news days later, as it doesn’t seem to be improving much. I don’t think we could stand outdoor visits here with our wind and rain.

  5. The sky looks so clear and blue, you do indeed live in a lovely place. When Paul and I were self isolating for two weeks, the one thing we missed was social contact… how nice to have friends who value an hour of conversation…regardless of the weather.

  6. The absence of wind certainly does make a difference. There was great excitement in Texas yesterday — there was real snow across a wide swath of the state. It didn’t match yours, and much will be gone by tomorrow, but — six inches in central Texas is quite something. By tomorrow, we’ll have some of those bluebird skies to match the ones in your photos!

  7. We need contact with other humans so I am pleased your friends were happy to brave an hour outside with you! The snowy scenes look pretty to me, who has no snow in the winter, and I have enjoyed taking this walk with you.

  8. I am glad you are able to take walks and enjoy beauty in your surroundings and meet your friends. With all the strange events happening around the world we need a place to feel solace.

  9. That wind sounds like the kind my Mum would have called a lazy wind – it can’t be bothered to go round you so goes straight through! How lovely to spend time with friends and, yes, thank goodness for technology to let us keep in touch! I expect that like me you remember when people relied on snail mail and weekly letters to family. That walk looks lovely and the reward for a walk on a cold day is getting home to a warm house and a hot drink!

    1. I love your Mum’s definition of a lazy wind. Yes, straight through! I do remember relying on snail mail, and while I like getting an actual card or letter, I wouldn’t trade technology for anything.

  10. You folks in Maine are a sturdy bunch, Laurie! It’s probably my Southern heritage, but sitting outside, bundled up, with snow all around doesn’t sound like a picnic. I have to hand it to you though — we do what we have to, to see our friends again! Ice fishing? Brrr!!

  11. That looks COLD !!!! At the moment we are in lockdown over here and we can’t see friends and family. My son and his family live only about 3 minutes walk from our house and we are not allowed to meet them in person, not even the grandkids. I hope everything will go smoothly on the 20th but I’m scared as I’ve seen the Trump supporters and they are really vicious !! So keep safe !

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