Friday Favorites: An Ornament, Santa Presents, A Chapbook

In keeping with this generous season when the days are short and the nights are long, I received three sets of lovely gifts from friends near and far.

From my blogging friend Judy of New England Garden and Thread, I received this lovely but oh-so-apt ornament. Even for a homebody like me, 2020 has been a bit much.

From my friend Betsy, whom I met through my blog, came this wonderful collection of Santa gifts. After I grouped them together for this picture, I put them on the shelves in the living room with my other Santas.

And my friend Claire, who lives nearby, brought me this chapbook of pieces compiled from a class she taught on memoir writing. I know several of the people who wrote for this book, and I really enjoyed reading their memories and reflections. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but what a gorgeous cover.

Many, many thanks to Judy, Betsy, and Claire!

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44 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: An Ornament, Santa Presents, A Chapbook”

  1. Lovely to get gifts from bloggers who have become friends, that is what I like most about blogging, you make friends all over the world!

  2. Friends make these strange rimes easier to bear and I have really appreciated mine this year. Your presents are lovely and I am so glad you are feeling loved.

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