Taking a Short Break but Still Time for a Couple of Friday Favorites

The time has come to take a short break from blogging, maybe a week, maybe two, as I finish proofing my new YA fantasy novel Out of Time, Book Three in The Great Library Series.  Proofing is fussy, time-consuming work but absolutely necessary. Out of Time will be published in November, which is just around the corner. Hence the need to focus all my creative attention on the book.

Still, it is Friday, and before I go on my break, I do have time to slide in a couple of things that are making me happy.

Even in mid-October, when the leaves are falling and the air is decidedly crisp, the patio is still one of my favorite places. Nowadays, Clif and I must bundle up for drinks and snacks on the patio, but we still enjoy being out there. Notice how the patio has now been set-up for socially-distanced visits. The patio is twenty years old, and never have the chairs and tables been arranged the way they are now. A sign of life during the pandemic, that’s for sure.

Now on to an inside pleausre—music. What in the world would I do without NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert? Not only have I been able to listen to old favorites such as the Avett Brothers, but I have also been introduced to groups I’ve never heard of. One of those groups is alt-J, an English indie rock band. Why had I never heard of them? Indie rock is one of my favorite genres, and alt-J’s debut album, An Awesome Wave, came out in 2012. I have no excuse. But thanks to NPR and Tiny Desk, I now have another group to add to my list of favorites.

And because I’m going to gone for a while, here’s a bonus Tiny Desk Concert with musicians Lily & Madeleine. Such lovely harmonies.

As we Franco-Americans would say, à bientôt.

68 thoughts on “Taking a Short Break but Still Time for a Couple of Friday Favorites”

      1. I love your northern fall light that I see on your patio photo. I wish I could visit you there and breathe that beautiful clean air coming from your forest trees. What a lovely space you have made that is safe. You will be missed but we are excited to read your new book!

  1. Exciting times for sure, Laurie. I hope you can have fun with this last push. I enjoyed Cynthia Reyes’ promo earlier today!

    À bientôt à toi aussi!

  2. Best wishes with your proofing… the last stage, you must be very pleased and proud to have produced these books, such an achievement to write one book let alone three!

  3. The best of all worlds would be proofing out on that patio! I’m not sure I could concentrate in that setting, but if you can, it would be wonderful. Happy work!

  4. Fall is so pretty, nice that you have such a big patio to enjoy it from! I have not heard of Tiny Desk….I should go and check it out. Today was a beatuiful day here in Michigan, for the most part anyway. Big puffy white clouds in a blue sky and the trees are just past peak, so really colorful still. Later in the day it was overcast and looked like rain but we didn’t get any. Sure is cold though! My feet are freezing!

  5. All the best with the proofing, Laurie! Almost there …. see you on the other side!

    Meanwhile, I will think of you on your scenic patio, bundled up with a refreshing drink in hand, listening to music filling your sound space!

  6. Always look forward to your Friday articles…your patio looks so inviting, with the trees surrounding. Good luck on your proofing. That should be your priority, I think, and you probably don’t need too many distractions.

  7. Happy proofing Laurie, almost there now! Thank you for the double treat of concerts and enjoy this special time too 🧡🍂

  8. Enjoy your break, Laurie. I think it makes a lot of sense to step aside for a week or two, or even longer when we need it to accomplish other goals, or simply to rest and refocus. And thanks for the intro to Tiny Desk Concerts. I am fan of indie rock too. 🙂

  9. I hope the editing is going well. Laurie. I am so looking forward to reading it! I will have to re-read the first two books again, just to get back in to your wonderfully created world. xoxo

  10. That’s such exciting news about your novel, Laurie. I hope this last step won’t be too cumbersome.
    And let’s keep our fingers crossed for a certain outcome to a certain event not two weeks away!
    All the best,

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