That Nip of Fall

Just like that, fall is here. It seems that only a short time ago we were using the air conditioner. However, the temp has dipped so low  that there have even been frost warnings all over the state. So far, our cozy home in the woods has escaped being nipped by frost. Nevertheless, we have to use heat in the morning and at night.  Too sudden? You bet. But this is Maine, and that’s how the weather rolls here.

Fortunately, it gets warm enough in the early afternoon for lunch on the patio. Yesterday, Clif grilled Beyond Beef burgers, and as a side, I had some little tomatoes courtesy of our own Farmer Kev. How nice it was to eat in the sun. (Again, what a change from a mere couple of weeks ago.)

The garden is definitely past its best.

But along the edge of our yard, asters are still in bloom.

And the leaves are just beginning to change.

This is a busy time for me. The proof copy of my YA fantasy Out of Time is in. Now begins the extremely picky task of going over the book line by line to catch any errant typos or formatting errors.

Onward, ho!

57 thoughts on “That Nip of Fall”

  1. How exciting! It sounds like you’re down to the final proof. I bet when you finish you must feel like you know every line and page by heart. It must be wonderful to be at this point.

  2. We too have had to have morning and evening heat but we have escaped getting anywhere near a frost so far. Good luck with the proof reading. It’s a tedious business.

  3. Your asters are pretty, love that color. The weather here at my place is real nice right now lows in the 60’s and highs in the upper 70’s to low 80’s and low humidity. We don’t get many days and nights with low humidity so when we do I really enjoy them. Happy Autumn!

  4. Looking forward to the book!

    I can feel autumn in the air here, and see it in the landscape. It comes differently than back in southern New England. Depending on the weather, first frost could come soon, or possibly not until we are well into October. The fires were an abrupt end to summer here.

  5. A patio meal sounds lovely, especially in such nice conditions. I love asters, and it always pleases me that they’re willing to bloom long into the fall. I suppose yours close up shop sooner than ours, though; I’ve found the native asters as late as November and December.

    1. Patio meals are lovely, but they will soon be coming to an end. We will have lunch out there as long as we can. By November, the asters in Maine will have gone by. But I’m sure that doesn’t surprise you. This is Maine, after all. 😉

      1. We got some sunshine today for which we had to hike 🙂
        It was raining whole day but the sun came out to say hello before setting 🙂

  6. I envy you the beauty of your part of the world in autumn – here it just tends to get soggy!
    I’m not sure how much people are travelling about the US – is New England going to be quiet this autumn, do you think? Living by the sea, we have been flooded by tourists in the past couple of months, but things are quietening down now, and I suspect a second lockdown is on it’s way here.

    1. The tourist season has been much diminished this year. Crowds are way down. In Maine, autumn is one of the most beautiful times of year, and “leaf peepers” come from all over to gaze at the glory of our trees. It will be interesting to see what happens this year.

  7. Cool here too, and I wish we lived closer because boy howdy do I have tomatoes that I would like to share with someone. Our Asters are blooming too, and the leaves are definitely changing. I know you will miss your patio evenings when it finally gets just too chilly. I LOVE the book cover, and I hope it’s a big success.

  8. I like that book cover– you’re almost to the finish line!
    You’re lucky to have missed the frost, we’ve had one 3 nights in a row. Most of the annuals are gone, alas. I covered only two compact clumps of zinnias that were two pretty to let go. Looks like we’re in for warmer days ahead. I’ll take ’em!

  9. We’re back to weather extremes again with frost over the weekend and temps near 80 the rest of the week. Hope patio season and those wonderful outdoor lunches last awhile longer and good luck with the next phase of editing!🙂

  10. We’ve had a little bit of fall, early it seems, and now a little bit of warmth, but I think fall is going to show itself early this year. Exciting that the proofs are back! Yay! It’s so interesting that the creative process ends in proofreading and formatting, but it does…

  11. Autumn is my favourite season because it means work will end in a couple of months. I wonder if summer will be my favorite when we semi retire! It is hard (for me and for some book authors I know) to proofread their own familiar work. Best wishes!

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