51 thoughts on “Two Days after the Fall”

  1. So true. A lot of work, I imagine, but even your garden looks in good shape. And your pretty blue clay pots (maybe a water feature?) came out unharmed.

    1. We sure can use that wood. And, yes, how that falling tree missed so much will ever remain a mystery. One blogging friend suggested tree fairies. Another, wood pixies. Who knows?

  2. Looking really good Laurie and plenty of firewood there too ๐Ÿงก

  3. Wow! You have been busy! A very quick clear up and a good firewood pile. I love seeing firewood stacked ready for my wood stove – there is something very primitive about seeing all that warmth waiting to be released. The electricity meter doesn’t give me the same feeling!

    1. We have been busy. Yesterday, we had to give our aging bodies a break. But weather permitting, we will be out today doing more. I feel exactly the same way about heating with wood. So cozy and satisfying.

      1. Take care of yourselves and please pace it so it is enjoyable not a chore. I am, you understand saying that to myself as much as to you!

  4. That’s impressive work. And like so many others, the sight of stacked wood gives me a warm feeling long before the wood provides its own sort of warmth!

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