What’s Making Me Happy: Twigs in My Hair, Pita Bread, and a Finch on the Bird Bath

Once upon a time, I used to write real book reviews where I read with great care, marked passages of note, and labored on the actual review. Alas, those days are gone. With a book coming out every other year, all my energy is going into my own work. I feel bad about this as I really enjoy bringing attention to other people’s books.

So for the past few years, it’s been all or nothing for me: Because I didn’t have the time to write a proper review, I didn’t write anything. Then I had a belatedly brilliant flash—it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. When I come across books of interest, especially if they’re written by friends, blogging or otherwise, I can simply feature the book on my blog and write a few lines about it.

Therefore, here is a book I’d like to bring to your attention—Twigs in My Hair by Cynthia Reyes. Twigs in my Hair is for gardeners and would-be gardeners or for people who simply like looking at gardens. Also, for those who are interested in a memoir told through gardening stories past and present. And surely Twigs in my Hair must be one of the best titles ever. (Full disclosure: My husband did the page layout.)

Cynthia, a blogging friend, has a warm, vivid writing style that pulls a reader in. The book features gorgeous pictures taken by Cynthia’s husband, Hamlin. I am not ashamed to admit that I had an acute case of gardener’s envy as I read Twigs in My Hair.  Readers, put this book on your TBR list, and with the holidays just around the corner, it would make a lovely gift for friends or family.

From books we go to food, a subject that is ever on my mind. As I’ve written in previous posts, my husband, Clif, is on extremely low-carb diet. We are a carb-loving family, and cutting back on carbs has proven to be a great challenge. Fortunately, we have found ways to eat a low-carb diet and even enjoy it. Joseph’s flax, oat bran, and whole wheat pita bread is one reason why. This pita is a soft and tasty bread substitute. It can be folded in half, toasted, and used as a taco shell. Untoasted and folded, it makes a dandy roll for a burger. Or sausage. Or whatever.

How low carb is this pita bread? Take a look, and keep in mind that a whole wheat roll has about 20 grams of carbs. (Clif aims to keep his carb intake to around 70 grams a day.)

I do want to emphasize I’m not getting any kickbacks when I endorse a product. I am to Joseph’s as a flea is to an elephant.

Finally, what’s not to like about a finch taking a drink from a birdbath at dusk as you sit on the patio? Nothing at all. Pure happiness to watch that little beauty.

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44 thoughts on “What’s Making Me Happy: Twigs in My Hair, Pita Bread, and a Finch on the Bird Bath”

  1. Thanks for the book review – sounds like a good read.
    I love the yellow daisies and goldfinch offset by the blue birdbath. Definitely a happy moment!

  2. I hear you on the “all or nothing” dilemma – glad you have been inspired to review again on your blog!

    Special needs diets are challenging, especially when it is a major change. We are a small family of 4, but we have always been quirky when it comes to food and thus, have had a mix & match kitchen since the beginning of time. It is always exciting when we find a food that all 4 of us enjoy!

  3. I love memoirs …your recommended book “Twigs in my hair” looks just right for me…( lovely cover.. Clif) I’ll check about orders & deliveries to
    Canberra.Have a happy week ..😊😊

  4. I too love the way you find happiness in little things (as well as the big ones). You and Cliff have embraced this new diet with such good humour! I hope if I ever have to make such a big change I do it with such positivity.

  5. The finch on your bird bath is pure delight. I have a pair of doves who’ve taken to sitting in a platform feeder as night falls. They’ll stay there for as long as a half-hour, until it’s so dark I’m not sure they’ll find their way home, but they’re a vision of peacefulness that certainly makes me happy.

  6. I’ll have to add that book to my list! It DOES have a great title! Love your little finch too, I haven’t seen my goldfinches all summer, but today two of them were on my feeder. Silly little birds, wonder where they were the last couple of months!

  7. Hi, Laurie – Thank you for the book review. I agree that a review does not need to be all or nothing. Your few lines are very inticing!
    I totally agree with your closing. Who doesn’t love seeing a finch taking a drink from a birdbath? (Answer – only an absolute crankypants, that’s for sure!) 😀

  8. A good happy three. I have been trying to read about commas after a comment from Derrick about Virginia Woolf’s perfect use of them and now find myself unable to commit to a comma. Why is it that grammar books are so unsatisfying? I am sure it will pass. 🙂

  9. Thank you for the book recommendation. I love gardening memoirs. (My favourites in the last few years are a whole series of memoirs by Marion Cran, and a modern memoir, Cutting Back, by Leslie Buck.) I’m putting your friend’s well-titled book on my list.

  10. We love watching the goldfinches on the birdbath and feeding on Cup Plant and other seeds. There is a wonderful Arab bakery about 1 mile from our house – if you ever visit Chicago we will have to take you there!

  11. Cynthia is such a good writer, I’ll have to check on the new book. When we had the apple orchard in New Hampshire, I always ended up with twigs in my hair. 😁

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