What’s Making Me Happy: The Book Cover for Out of Time

This week’s happiness post is a humdinger. James Egan, the brilliant designer at Bookfly Design, has created a fabulous cover for my upcoming book, Out of Time, which will be released in November 2020.

This is Book Three in my Great Library Series, where the heroine, Maya Hammond, must find a way to defeat Cinnial, the fallen librarian, whose burning ambition is to control the Great Library, where all information in our universe flows.

The mission to defeat Cinnial has taken Maya across the universe. In Out of Time, Maya travels even farther. She goes to a dimension called Elferterre, which is ruled by Magic rather than by Time, the dominant force in our universe. With her new team—Will, Jay, and Lexie—Maya embarks on a quest to steal a lock from a powerful elf named Galli. The lock will help Maya trap Cinnial.

In Elferterre—green and mysterious with a touch of steampunk—Maya, Will, Jay, and Lexie encounter allies and foes, including a talking cat, a witch, sprites, ogres, imps, and a mechanical horse. All the while, Magic swirls around Elferterre, enhancing the good and bad in every creature that Maya and her team meet.

Maya falls in love, treks again across the universe, and encounters her biggest challenge yet.

Will Maya have the courage to face this challenge? Or will she falter?

Readers, I will be sure to let you know when Out of Time is published. My first two books—Maya and the Book of Everything and Library Lost—are available through our Hinterlands Press website.

And that’s it for this post, even though I usually include three things that are making me happy. After all, what can top a new cover?

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77 thoughts on “What’s Making Me Happy: The Book Cover for Out of Time”

  1. That cover looks fantastic!!!! He does such a wonderful job!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  2. That’s a great cover! There are so many things I like about it! The colors and the gold leaves and those wonderful trees. Even the fonts are super. You must be thrilled.

  3. Laurie – this is just stunning. And it’s going to look so good next to the others! That color is perfect! I love how grown up and cool Maya looks. Thank you for sharing your good news and I look forward to another Maya book.

    1. Thanks, Jodie! She sure does look cool. And yes, the green will look really good with the blue and red. Much as I love blue, I do believe the green cover is my favorite.

  4. That is a great cover, it really draws the eye in…my older students would have loved the cover and the story Laurie, it’s amazing. I hope you get the chance to promote your book? I have been reading about the many writers in Australia, who depend on Writer’s Festivals around Australia (and beyond) to promote their books, and of course, this year, they have all been cancelled. So I hope there are ways of promoting your book. Well done, I know a lot of energy goes into writing such a book.

    1. Many thanks! As for selling books…Usually we go to all sorts of fairs and events. Not this year. I am trying to increase my online presence. Thus, the podcast that I am working on. Also, I am planning a monthly newsletter for those who have signed up on our mailing list. We must work within some pretty narrow confines.

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