Wordless Wednesday, One Day Early: Black and White Cat with Pink Tongue

A few words despite the title: Because the hurricane is coming and we might not have power tomorrow, I thought I’d post this picture of Little Miss Watson a day earlier.

54 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday, One Day Early: Black and White Cat with Pink Tongue”

  1. She’s adorable, sitting in that chair just like a person. Love the tongue! Funny, my planned Wordless Wednesday for tomorrow just might be a pet too.

  2. Little Miss!!

    Fingers crossed you aren’t hit too bad. Poor east coast of NC was hammered. It’s not a bad thing to be so far west . . .

    1. Yet again, we came through unscathed. Glad you live in western NC. I have a blogging friend who lives on the NC coast. Hope she and her family are all right.

  3. She is a cutie. Gosh, she looks a lot like the best and most beloved cat we ever had. Good luck with the storm. At the moment they’re projecting it to veer a little west of us as it heads out of Maine and into Quebec. We shall see!

  4. She’s a beautiful cat! I hope we get a goodly amount of rain and not too strong a wind. Fingers crossed!

  5. Hi Miss Watson! Sometimes our Brippy forgets to put her tongue away, too.

    We made it through the storm with only a couple 1/2 hour power outages & no damage. Now it’s sunny, breezy and beautiful! Hope you guys fare as well!

  6. A lovely picture Laurie.Stay safe and snuggle your cat while the storm goes through. I will be thinking of you

  7. I’m glad the storm passed you by – or at least didn’t cause you too much trouble.
    I love it when my cats forget to put their tongues away – I laugh at them and they can’t understand why. They probably think they are still looking dignified.

      1. They carry it off with panache and realise that less is more – unlike a dog that just unfurls the whole thing. Dogs are friendly and uncomplicated, but it is hard for most of them to be cute.

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