Wordless Wednesday, One Day Early: Black and White Cat with Pink Tongue

A few words despite the title: Because the hurricane is coming and we might not have power tomorrow, I thought I’d post this picture of Little Miss Watson a day earlier.

54 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday, One Day Early: Black and White Cat with Pink Tongue”

  1. Little Miss!!

    Fingers crossed you aren’t hit too bad. Poor east coast of NC was hammered. It’s not a bad thing to be so far west . . .

  2. She is a cutie. Gosh, she looks a lot like the best and most beloved cat we ever had. Good luck with the storm. At the moment they’re projecting it to veer a little west of us as it heads out of Maine and into Quebec. We shall see!

  3. Hi Miss Watson! Sometimes our Brippy forgets to put her tongue away, too.

    We made it through the storm with only a couple 1/2 hour power outages & no damage. Now it’s sunny, breezy and beautiful! Hope you guys fare as well!

  4. I’m glad the storm passed you by – or at least didn’t cause you too much trouble.
    I love it when my cats forget to put their tongues away – I laugh at them and they can’t understand why. They probably think they are still looking dignified.

      1. They carry it off with panache and realise that less is more – unlike a dog that just unfurls the whole thing. Dogs are friendly and uncomplicated, but it is hard for most of them to be cute.

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