One Square Yard: July 29

This post will be the last One Square Yard entry, as Becky B’s Square Perspective Theme ends in two days. What fun to frame my photos with a square rather than  a rectangle, and to see which shape works best with which picture. Clif has always been an advocate for squaring a photo, so I wasn’t totally unfamiliar with that perspective. Still, keeping an eye out for pictures that would look good squared has been a delightful challenge.

We have a smattering of wild blueberries in the yard. Fun to find a daddy-longlegs resting on some berries.

Another little visitor, this time in the bee balm.

And a spill of needles caught on the edge of a Frances Williams hosta leaf.

Because this is the last week of the Square Theme, here is a bonus picture, a repeat of the gorgeous daylily Flore Pleno. Plenty of flower is right! I didn’t think anyone would mind seeing these beauties twice.

44 thoughts on “One Square Yard: July 29”

  1. yum blueberries, and how fabulous to have a bonus flower. It has been so wonderful having you join us. Do hope you will be back in October

    1. Oh, dear! Fortunately, I don’t have an arachnid phobia. One was on my leg this morning as I watered the back garden, and I just brushed it off.

  2. Lovely photos (as always!) and I am pleased you took up a challenge and enjoyed it. Sometimes we need a nudge to try something slightly different and give ourselves a boost.

  3. I don’t mind seeing the daylilies any number of times. I am impressed at how unnibbled your hostas are. I’ve been watching a patch on one of my walks this year that looked wonderful when they were cone shaped tubes opening, but has become threadbare.

    1. Frances Williams seems to be slug and snail resistant. Others in my garden aren’t quite as lucky. However, because we had such a dry June, the slugs and snails haven’t been as bad this year. Ditto for the mosquitoes.

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