Waking Up to a Heat Advisory

Early this morning when I checked my phone, I saw there was a message for a heat advisory for Kennebec County, where I live.  The temperature is supposed to climb to the 90s, with heat indices between 95 and 100. Readers, that is hot. And the air is so humid it almost feels solid, as though I have to push to get through it.

This was the temperature when I got up. Please note that the thermometer is in the shade.

On went Eva, our new AC. She’s in the living room, but she helps bring down the temperature in the whole house. Thank goodness for Eva. Without her, I wouldn’t be able to work in this heat. And deadlines are approaching…

As grateful as I am to Eva, I resent being trapped inside by the heat. Outside, the patio beckons.

Daylilies have begun to bloom and the bee balm is glorious this year.

My usual habit is to go on the patio around 4:30 with a drink—usually non-alcoholic—and a snack. Especially during the coronavirus, it is the highlight of my day.

But not when there’s a heat advisory. Fortunately, the weather is supposed to break tonight, and tomorrow’s forecast is for a perfect summer’s day. After my work is done, I’ll be back on the patio!



62 thoughts on “Waking Up to a Heat Advisory”

  1. We had that heat advisory here on Saturday. 🙂 When I opened the patio door before sunrise, I immediately slid it shut again as the air was so muggy, as you described. Shortly after a thunderstorm came through and a pleasant summer day followed. 🙂

  2. We’re lucky that our heat waves are infrequent and last only a few days. I couldn’t live in a summer climate where I couldn’t go outside, or sleep with the windows open.
    Your garden/patio looks so inviting. Like our deck, we are drawn to sit and enjoy the view. ❤

  3. That’s especially hot for you guys way up there! We had that weather last week. Just stay inside and enjoy your drink and snack for now. You will be back to nice and cool soon enough!

  4. We are enjoying that rare perfect summer day. And thankfully our temperatures don’t climb to such heights. I hope your weather settles down soon, Laurie. Thank goodness for Eva!

  5. Really hot on the midcoast as well. Hit 94 today. For me, that is just too hot. Looking forward to cooler weather

    1. That is surprising! Usually, midcoast is cooler than central Maine in the summer. (And warmer in the winter.) But today the weather is beautiful in central Maine, hope the same is true for you.

  6. Wow – That’s about our situation today, Laurie, which is normal. I didn’t know you guys ever got it that bad. ( I guess that’s why you got Eva.)
    Your flowers look so fresh and lovely. Ours are already dry and tired.
    Good luck with the deadlines!!!

  7. That seems very hot for Maine Laurie and it’s great you have Eva to keep you cool until the temperature drops again. The patio looks very inviting! 🤗💚

  8. We have had too many days this summer like yours today and it would help to enjoy the outdoors more!! The humidity has been horrible and it’s been impossible on a few days to even enjoy a cup of coffee on the deck early in the morning. Beautiful flower and enjoy your patio tomorrow!🙂

  9. Too hot! It reminds me not to complain about our winter …. extreme heat is much worse. Especially humidity! May it pass soon. Good luck with your writing. 😁

  10. Welcome to my world! We’ve been having the same conditions for a couple of weeks, with heat indices up to 105-110F and stifing humidity. When I’m tempted to fuss about having to work in the heat, I comfort myself with the thought that I could be a roofer or construction worker. At least I can take a break every couple of hours!

  11. Your flowers are beautiful, Laurie! We hit 90 here today, but it is a dry heat. The mornings start low. today was 54 degrees at sunrise, but we are in the season where the temperature swings 30 to 50 degrees during the course of the day. If the forecast is correct, we get a slight break on Wednesday.

  12. Portland, Oregon gets in the upper 90s in summer. I have been on garden tours there where people have had lovely water misters installed over their patios. I wouldn’t work on a laptop under a mister, but it might make it possible to have a drink on the patio. Otherwise, I would find it too hot to even venture outdoors.

    1. A mister on a patio. That’s a new one for this Mainer. Time was when Maine summers were absolutely delightful and a stiflingly hot day was rarity. Alas, those days are gone.

  13. I would be flattened by heat like that! Bad enough if it was dry but with humidity too – ouch! It must be so frustrating to see your patio looking lovely and know that going out there would not be fun. Stay cool and I hope tomorrow is nicer.

    1. We are definitely flattened when the heat is that bad. Fortunately, it started cooling down at night, and we had our afternoon snack on the patio.
      And today is a delightful summer’s day. Thank goodness!

  14. The daylily picture is superb. I’m sorry it’s so hot there. Thank goodness for Eva! I will not torment you by telling you the temperature here.

  15. These really hot days are very disconcerting, Laurie. When my husband grew up in Colorado, they were the exception, and almost nobody had an AC installed. Now the thermometer climbs into the 90s on far too many summer days. I also don’t like to feel enclosed inside the house with all the windows closed, but on those 90+ days, we turn on our AC to keep the house from overheating. I hope your heat wave has passed by now.

  16. I sure understand about that heat! Those days are every bit as confining as cold weather! It has been awful here for about ten days. Wishing you cooler days and happy hours-love Michele

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