One Square Yard: July 15

Recently, I was invited to participate in a month-long July photo challenge—SquarePerspectives hosted by BeckyB from her blog The Life of B. The challenge is exactly what it sounds like: Rather than post photos with the usual rectangular cropping, the challenge is to post photos cropped square. So each Wednesday in July, I will be presenting a series of square photos from my own yard, which nowadays is the farthest I usually go. Hence the title, One Square Yard.

Even in my mostly green and wooded yard, there are a few flowers to brighten the gardens. While they bloom, here they are in their square glory.

43 thoughts on “One Square Yard: July 15”

  1. I wish my cats would sit between the plants and stay still. They (and Orchid the lurcher) think I plant things to make comfy beds for them to laze on in the sun then wriggle to get comfy! Lovely photos again Laurie. I love green but a splash of colour does add contrast and improve it.

  2. The blue glass ball looks like an alternative Saturn and makes a great pairing with the daylily. Hostas are wonderful flowers with the tiers of tiny lilies, but my favourite this week is the cat. I can’t decide its perspective – it’s too expectant to be sunbathing, but too sleepy to be in stalking mode.

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