I’ll Keep Trying

Spring is most definitely here.

The lawns are abloom with tiny spring flowers that are not always easy for the wee camera to photograph. But by gum, yesterday the light must have been just right for the camera to capture this dandelion,

some violets,

and even this tiny flower on a plant I was given and have no idea what it is.

No blooms yet in the back garden, but I did come across this feather.

Even though there are no flowers, everything is growing splendidly, and I love the green of spring.

Yesterday, we put out the hummingbird feeders.

Already, the little will-o’-the-wisps have begun coming to the feeder.

It is not easy for me to get a picture of them, but I’ll keep trying.

58 thoughts on “I’ll Keep Trying”

  1. It’s nice to have the migrant birds back. Hummers at my new fuchsia. Warblers by the river. For the past 3 days, we’ve had a wood thrush calling in the back woods. I hope it finds a mate and stays– I love their melodious song.
    Your mystery plant is lungwort (Pulmonaria).

    1. Oh, Eliza – for YEARS I tried to figure out what the “harmonics” bird was (that’s what I called them.) I heard them on walks and even around our house, but never saw one and had no idea how to look up a bird by its song. I don’t remember how I figured it out, but I finally realized it was a wood thrush and it remains my favorite song.

      1. Aren’t they just amazing? They have two vocal chords that they can vibrate at different frequencies, thus the ventriloquistic rendering of their song. Sublime!

  2. Your dandelion picture is lovely. I concur with Eliza about your hairy plant. It’s quite an unusual shade, so a little treasure. I scanned the last for blurs – this could be the start of a Nugget style puzzle.

    1. The hummingbird was on the far side and therefore not visible. But, Susan, as I note in my piece, I’ll keep trying. Especially for you but also for others who love those little whirring beauties.

  3. All that greenery… spring is really happening for you and summer still to come! Always lovely to see the birds.

  4. Pulmonaria is always called lungwort. This time of year, it really puts on a show and then goes to green leaves. Mine have multiple pastel colored blooms. It is probably the only plant I have that produces flowers with multiple colors. Happy spring.

  5. I especially enjoyed seeing the violets. It was the flower I picked and made into bouquets for my mother when I was still quite young. I’m always surprised by the variety of greens in spring; just when I think I’ve surely seen them all, another shade appears. Your back yard looks like the perfect spot for enjoying them all.

  6. I was hoping Eliza would have visited to identify the flower–sure enough! I’m glad you keep trying, Laurie, and glad the snow is gone!

  7. I make no pretence to be good a photography so I always appreciate the trouble others go to to get good shots. Great to see the spring flowrrs arriving and to know that soon you will be able to sit out on your patio more often. Have a good summer!

  8. Lovely spring photos – we’re a bit past all the green ‘freshness’ now and moving into more summery flowers and plants.
    I’m always trying to photograph one of the hummingbird moths we get here but it’s very difficult and haven’t managed it yet. Do you have those moths there? I don’t think I ever saw them in England.

    1. We do have hummingbird moths here. If one comes, I’ll get a picture of it for my blog. They are easier to photograph than the birds.

  9. I love love love spring! May is my favorite even when it snows! We’re in bloom around here for sure…I think your camera (and you!) did a fine job capturing spring in your yard!

  10. What lovely pictures… I envy you your hummingbirds. I remember staying in a b&b in Vermont and being captivated by all the birds coming to the feeder just outside the breakfast room window… you part of the world truly has some fabulous avian residents.

  11. Loved seeing the photo of the violets. It reminded my of our years in New England. The shady parts of our apple orchard would be coated with them. 😊

  12. I’ve had so much extra time at home these days that dandelions have been few and far between, thanks to lots of weeding. On the other hand, I’ve mostly decided to let the violets have their way in the garden.

    1. Right now, for the bees’ sake, we are holding off on mowing our lawn until June. While the lawn might be a little shaggy, the profusion of wildflowers is delightful. And the bees are buzzing, buzzing, buzzing.

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