34 thoughts on “From One Day to Another”

  1. A light covering can melt pretty quickly. The ground there must be relatively warm. Snow was forecast here for today, although it looks like cold rain instead is coming.

  2. I did a little yard work today and brought out two chairs and a small table. Will we be sitting out? Probably not since it’s a little cool, right now, but it made me feel good just to get them out.

  3. I’m a combination of envious and admiring of all bloggers in the Northern Hemisphere. Admiring that you get through these long winters so well…and envious because, as you begin spring, we will have our lovely autumn leaves…but then winter!
    I’ll just have to keep looking at the beautiful photos of your seasons from all the Northern Hemisphere Bloggers!

    1. Right? Fall is always a lovely but sad time as we say farewell to the bright and beautiful flowers. I’ll be sure to post pictures of what’s growing in my garden. As for Maine winters…they are long but those of us who were born here are used to them. In fact, seems normal. 😉

  4. I was listening to my sweetheart’s radio show and I thought the news warned of cold weather in the north this weekend. I was only half listening to that bit, so I might have been wrong. But then seeing your post made me hope you haven’t put up the warm weather bunting up too soon.

  5. I can relate to those photos, Laurie. Maine looks a bit like Oregon. We had a bit of snow on Wednesday. Spring is always a bit late to arrive here too, but I see a glimpse of sunlight in your photo and the grill waiting. Spring will come around soon. 🙂 Enjoy.

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