Snow-Gauge Clif: Nearly Done for the Year

As you can see from the pictures, Snow-Gauge Clif’s job is nearly done for the year.

There is still a bit of snow on the ground, a holdover from the last little storm we had. Will we get more snow in April? Maybe, maybe not. This is Maine, and when it comes to the weather, anything can happen.

But we are definitely sliding toward spring.Β  Bird song swirls around our home in the woods, and when I go outside, it makes me smile to hear it.Β  No silent spring, thank goodness.

Our neighbor next door left eggs on our steps, and those eggs were very welcome as our supply is dwindling fast. She left a sweet, concerned note taped to the carton, telling me she had wiped the outside with Lysol and to let her know if we needed anything.

So very nice to get a note like that. Especially as Clif and I are now considered elderly by the CDC. (Us? Elderly? How could that be?)

Coronavirus News from Maine

From the Portland Press Herald

A Cumberland County man in his 80s was the first person in Maine to die from the coronavirus.

From Maine CDC

Maine’s number of cases of the coronavirus: 168

The News from All Over

From CNN

The United States is now the epicenter of a shifting global pandemic. With more than 82,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, it has surpassed China, Spain and Italy, the hardest-hit countries to date.

So how did America get here? A series of missteps, and missed opportunities: a failure to take the virus seriously even as it brought China to its knees, a fumbled federal government response to testing that left the US in the dark about the magnitude of the outbreak, and a desperate shortage of masks, personal protective equipment and ventilators that has put both medical workers and patients at risk.

And in a stunning development, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced today he had tested positive [for Covid-19.]

From NBC

The House on Friday passed the $2 trillion coronavirus economic stimulus bill, and President Donald Trump is expected to sign it quickly.

The Latest Numbers

Global Cases: 549,604

Global Deaths: 24,863

My Take: No doubt the stimulus bill could have been bigger, better, and fairer. (When oh when are those at the top going to start taking responsibility and paying their fair share?) Nevertheless, many, many everyday people will be helped by this bill. For some, it could mean the difference between staying afloat and drowning. And that is no small thing.



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  1. Yesterday, here in Michigan we had 40 dead. Today it’s up to 60 something. 😦 As for snow? We get one snow storm in April every year. But you are right, we have birds here for the summer, and peepers chirping, and daffodils getting ready to pop!

    1. We must all make our short time count, mustn’t we? I am reminded of this beautiful line from The Tempest: “We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.”

      1. Agreed. The few times I was briefly dead, it really was like moving from one dream to another–granted, once it was unspeakably bad, but the other times beyond lovely–

        The Tibetans also mention that life is like a dream, or a rainbow, or a flash of lightning–

  2. How thoughtful is the gift of fresh eggs. We still have quite a bit of snow here and more is on the way…but today it is warm and we’re well above freezing so the water is running everywhere. Spring is definitely on its way….

  3. My neighbor put a container of Lysol wipes on my car. Then she texted me to tell me she did it. Not quite the same gift as yours, but a gift of love, nonetheless. People are awesome.

  4. Maine and Colorado, as different as they might be, also seem to have several things in common, the weather being one. The daffodils started to bloom on Wednesday, and snow is predicted for later tonight. πŸ™‚

  5. It was quite hard not to laugh when a man who has appeared on the telly every day telling us to stay at home and keep safe didn’t manage to take his own advice.

  6. Yay for the eggs! It’s starling to be considered elderly. When they started saying “elderly–over 60” I thought “Whaaaaat?” Ah well. A couple years ago people started offering me their seats on the Metro and it was startling, but I should be used to it by now. I’m glad your neighbor is willing to pick things up for you. That’s nice. As are eggs.

  7. I agree it is quite a surprise to realise we are elderly because we are in our sixties, but on the other hand, having concern for people is to be treasured…so I’m relaxing into my sixties!

  8. Spring is on its way here in SW Wales too. Yesterday I was clearing branches from the hedge laying on the orchard and down to a T shirt! The skylarks are in good voice and I have heard the first woodpigeons. I too find it hard to think of myself as old and I cetainly don’t count myself as frail or vulnerable – unless it suits me! πŸ˜‰ Good neighbours are treasures.

  9. The snow is melting quickly. Does this mean your spring is just around the corner, or is it likely you’ll get a few more storms? Thanks for sharing your local news. We live in Santa Clara County (San Jose) where the number of cases are high. I’m sure it was thrilling to receive fresh eggs from your thoughtful neighbor.

  10. We’re glad our snow melted. We’ve been able to take lots of walks. Today I walked with a friend … six feet apart. We looked pretty funny.

  11. Not just Boris, but also the Health Secretary (the guy overseeing the NHS) and our Chief Medical Officer. I am glad you have a kind neighbour and a good supply of eggs. They’re rather scarse here, as is flour.

  12. How wonderful of your neighbor to do that. So much kindness out in the world. At the beginning of this my husband and I were trying to figure out what “elderly” meant. When the CDC finally defined it with some numbers, we were a little shocked to find out we are now considered elderly.

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