The Astonishing Case of the Disappearing Snow

A week has passed since Snow-Gauge Clif made his first appearance of the year, and what a long week it has been. The news about the coronavirus changes daily. As we watch the news,  we wait in apprehension, hoping that family and friends, near and far, stay safe and well.

But let us turn our attention back to Snow-Gauge Clif. The snow is melting at an astonishing clip. Here is Snow-Gauge Clif in the front yard.

And here he is in the backyard.

So much snow has melted that a couple of days ago, I did my yearly chore of picking up branches and sticks in the backyard. And, no, that little buddy didn’t help me.

Winter storms always blow sticks and branches down, and believe it or not, I actually enjoy this chore that tells me, “Spring is coming, spring is coming.”  Beside me, a beautiful ghost dog barks and leaps as I throw the sticks over the fence into the woods.

After cleaning the yard of sticks, I grabbed my wee camera and looked for signs of spring. I was not disappointed.

Somehow, this green looks even better this spring than it normally does.





53 thoughts on “The Astonishing Case of the Disappearing Snow”

  1. Love it!
    There were rumours that Vancouver Island would get snow this week. Seriously? It’s been warm and green for quite sometime now. Fingers crossed that those rumours do not prove to be true!

  2. It has been melting quickly here as well and the rain has been pushing it along even faster. We’re down to just patches in the shadows. It seems like this was one quick winter!

  3. Tomorrow I’ll be out getting rid of the dead branches and pine cones, pushing back the mulch and preparing the front flower bed for the spring bulbs. I hope to see some green as you did.

  4. Aw. The little ghost dog made me smile a little sadly. I have three of those in my garden as well as the two earthly ones.

  5. Snow is almost gone here in the Midcoast area of Maine as well. Not quite ready to pick up sticks, but soon.

  6. Hurray! Signs of spring to lift the spirits! It is early here too. I hope you and yours stay safe and well to enjoy it.

  7. Lovely to see the first green ferns and signs of Spring Laurie and your garden is readying itself for warmer times 🧡 xxx

  8. I took the chains and plow off from the tractor today. Time to move wood that local farmers cut for us to be ready for next winters (should one come). With the bucket back on the tractor, I got about 2 cords piled up near the cabin for the last trip into the wood shed. Guess the lawn mower will be out early this year. – Oscar

  9. Snow gauge Clif posing for his standup! Hugs to you both. That sentence about your ghost dog touched my soul. Most snow in backyard gone but still some in front here.
    I moved some leaves yesterday and discovered snowdrops ready to bloom. Daffodil shots were 3 to 4 inches tall.

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