Looking up in Late February

I am happy to report that I’m coming to the end of the umpteenth revision of my YA fantasy novel Out of Time, the third in my Great Library Series.  Phew, what a tangle of words a novel becomes when you give it close reading after close reading. My plan is to get Out of Time to the editor by the beginning of March, which is a week away.

This means it’s chop-chop time. Therefore, blog posts will be relatively short and filled with pictures. Lucky for me, Maine is a photogenic place to live.

Readers might recall that at the end of last week, the temperature was below zero.

Here was yesterday’s temperature, and the thermometer is in the shade. Quite the contrast!

A perfect time for a walk. In the last post, I looked down. On yesterday’s walk, I looked up. I think it was the glorious blue of the sky that drew my gaze to all the little things that were either growing on branches or that were still attached.

Now, onward ho! Back to the tangle of words.


46 thoughts on “Looking up in Late February”

  1. What a beautiful day for looking up Laurie! Great to hear you are on schedule with your book and we wish you happy writing and untangling before it goes to the editor 🤗💗 xxx

  2. What glorious photos! I especially like the green branches with the cones — I almost can smell it! Best wishes for a quick and satisfying finish for your book!

  3. What a lovely blue sky! Sometimes when trying to untangle words it is good to get out in the frsh air and blow the cobwebs away. Good luck with the revisions and I am so pleased that the weather has improved enough for you to go for walks.

  4. Gosh – doesn’t the time fly! Not long ago it seemed as if you had ages to your deadline. I’m sending good luck wishes (and also giving you an extention on the story about why Clif is a Yankee and you are not).

    The BBC have just been showing an Ice Pancake from Maine on the news. It’s the first time I’ve heard of one of those!

  5. Oh, my, I better catch up on my reading queue of books before you publish again! As to temperature, we had 66F in the balmy, late February Appalachian Mountains. I think the Grinch Stole Winter this year.

    1. “Out of Time” won’t be published until fall of 2020, so you have time. 😉 And the Grinch comes through courtesy of the climate crisis. It’s been warm in Maine, too, more like late March than late February. Yesterday, it was in the 50s, and this Mainer had to ditch her winter coat when she went shopping.

  6. Wow Laurie you are so close to the finish line. Congratulations! I too love to look up at the contrasts of leaves and branches against a beautiful blue sky! I think it is part of our genetics to feel happiness at these views.

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