Catching Snow As It Falls

Yesterday was a lovely snowy day. Unlike freezing rain or sleet, this is exactly the sort of weather Maine should get in February. Before eating a breakfast of oatmeal and dried cranberries, I grabbed my wee camera and tried to get some pictures of the falling snow.Β  While easy for the human eye to see, snowflakes are not easy for my camera to catch. (When I was a child, I remember tipping my head back, opening my mouth to the sky and letting the snow sprinkle my tongue.)

Can you spot the snow as it falls against Sparky, our red Honda Fit?

The snow is easier to see here, against the brown of the tree trunks and the red of our little shed and wheelbarrow. With all the red we have around our place, including on our house, you might think red is my favorite color. But it isn’t. Instead, blue is. Go figure.

Here again, the falling snow is visible against the tree trunks in the woods in our backyard.

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of our clothesline, which hasn’t had anything hanging on it since fall. Well, it has something now.

Early afternoon, it stopped snowing, and Clif went out with Little Green to clean the driveway and the walkway.

And what did we have for “suppah,” as we Mainers call it? A vegan beefy stew with Quorn Meatless Grounds and umami-ed with veggie Better Than Bouillon and nutritional yeast. Clif and I might be vegetarians, but we still like that rich gravy taste, and this soup gives us just what we want. I also made biscuits with oat milk to go with the soup.

My Yankee husband’s response? Pretty darned good. And the best thing about this soup is that as the flavors mingle, it’s even better on the second and third day.

No freezing rain. Soup and biscuits for supper. Who could ask for anything more?




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  1. Good weather news and I agree about soups maturing. Are we supposed to believe that it was only as a child that you caught the falling snow on your tongue? πŸ™‚

    1. My balance isn’t quite as steady as it was when I was a child. This means I’m not quite as keen about tipping my head way, way back. And when I was younger, if I did fall, I’d jump back up. Those days are gone. πŸ˜‰

  2. Back in the old days, when I was a teen, I sometimes had the job of hanging out the wash in the midst of winter. Mittens could not work with the handling of clothespins, so frozen fingers were the results. Brrrr! Sure made me hurry !!

  3. Lovely image of you catching snowflakes – my grandchildren and I do this in the rain. Lovely post. We have relentless wind and rain here with Storm Dennis (the Menace) forecast for the next two days. nothing so pretty as your blanket of snow.

  4. You lucked out with all snow, much easier to deal with. We had snow, then heavy rain, oh, ick!
    All your red in the yard is perfect for Valentine’s Day – best wishes to you two lovebirds! πŸ™‚

  5. Mike (my husband and our household chef) makes a lot of vegetarian soups, stews, and chili this time of year. Those Quorn products are pretty good, eh? The snow is beautiful, but of course easy for me to say from dry, dry, dry California. We’re desperate for rain.

      1. Not as much snow as last year, but not a snowless winter, which would be bad in many ways. I hope the rain soon comes to California. I’ve read that this year, California is drier than ever. Oh, my!

      2. I see a small beacon of hope this Saturday with rain in the forecast, but it’s bleak. I checked this morning and we are only at 27% of normal with less than four inches of rain in San Jose since last July! Do you ever have snowless winters?

      3. Only four inches since last July! That’s hardly any. I don’t think we have had ever had a snowless winter, but we have had low-snow winters, and when we do it’s terrible for the perennial gardens. Snow acts as insulator for the plants, and when there isn’t enough, the cold kills the plants. One year, I lost almost everything in my back garden.

      4. Ah! That makes sense. How sad to lose all your back garden plants. I was born in Ontario, Canada, and I have a few ancient memories of my dad’s garden in the winter. He was a horticulturist by trade. That garden was his pride and joy. I get my love of gardening from him.

      5. Yes! Starting over is pricey. A plant here and there is one thing, but I know when we took out the lawn and replaced it with natives, it wasn’t cheap. Dad’s garden as a delight. It’s permanently imprinted in my brain. He died shortly after we immigrated to the US. I was 9. I think his loss amplifies the memories that I do have if that makes sense.

    1. Yes! Went out with friends and had chocolate-covered pretzels, courtesy of Clif, who had dipped them, and chocolate-covered strawberries, courtesy of our friends Liz and Mike.

  6. I always find it frustrating when I try to take photos of snow or hail or driving rain and wind to send to Mr. Tialys when he’s in the U.K. – they never really get the reality across.
    I am envious of your Quorn products and didn’t realise they’d made their way across the pond as, even though they are a U.K. ‘thing’ originally they don’t seem to have made it to my part of France yet.
    I can get Tofu but I hate that and also some soya products but don’t like eating too much of that. Mr. Tialys has bought some Quorn mince (what you are calling ‘grounds’ I think) when over there but never yet remembered to bring it home with him.

  7. Well, at least winter visited you with some snow. We woke to 50F on Friday, 15F this morning, and we are supposed to get back up to 50F Sunday afternoon… Hmmph. Must be Chaos in control of the weather.

  8. We haven’t had any snow this year so far. I m not sure if I am pleased or sorry – it looks so lovely but makes getting around hard! I am with you on what to eat on cold days and soup does get better the longer it lasts.

    1. As Mainers, we are used to snow. It’s the freezing rain/ice we hate. That soup was even better the third day. It tasted so rich and beefy, even though there wasn’t any meat in it.

  9. Your snow looks great. We seemed to have more snow when I was younger. I hate to drive in it, but walking in it is a treat. I’m glad you got those chocolate dipped pretzels.

  10. The snow looks wonderful, especially the photo of falling snow. I can still remember the first time I saw falling snow through a window in Amsterdam (I was 19 years old) and it reminded me of books I had read as a child with snow in them, but here was the real thing….so exciting!

  11. Beautiful snow Laurie and delicious looking soup! We hope the weather stayed kind and you enjoyed your Valentine’s weekend! πŸ’– xxx

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