And So It Begins…Sleet and Freezing Rain

This morning, when I asked my husband Clif to describe the weather outside, he said, “Miserable.” Clif got it exactly right. The weather—a mix of sleet and freezing rain—is indeed miserable, and it’s supposed to continue until late afternoon.

The thermometer indicates that the temperature is at that exact sweet spot for continued freezing rain.

And here’s a photo of our front steps before Clif put salt on them.

My indicator for ice accumulation is this bush outside my window.

So far, not too bad, but we have many more hours of this weather to go.

Naturally, we are prepared for a power outage. A full bucket of water sits in the tub—for us, no power means no water—and there is a fire in our wood furnace. We have turned up the electric heat to the point where the house is warmer than it has been since early fall. Better to start out with a warm house if the power goes out.

Fingers (and toes) crossed that we keep our power.

Stay tuned!


46 thoughts on “And So It Begins…Sleet and Freezing Rain”

  1. All my fingers and toes crossed! Freezing rain is the worst! It’s been spitting snow here but nothing actually sticking to the ground – and of course all of the schools are closed! 😛

  2. Freezing rain is no fun, Laurie and Clif. I am hoping you get some real snow, but not too much, instead. We don’t see freezing rain too much here. It is beautiful when the sun comes out and all looks like an ice palace, but it is so treacherous to drive on, and breaks limbs from trees.

  3. Speaking of no water during a power outage, I am looking into getting our 220V well wired onto its own plug, and a small generator for just the well, for now.

  4. We’re hunkered down, waiting out the storm! The mail truck just passed by, tires spinning trying to gain purchase.

  5. Well, there’s my question answered, it seems. Your answer to Derrick suggests you still have power — I’m so glad. We’ve had some destructive ice storms even here in Houston, and they’re no fun to endure, especially when the power goes out!

  6. I have never experienced an ice storm and from your post and all the comments I think I want to keep it that way! Ever since I fell and broke my wrist on a patch of ice I have been very wary of venturing out in freezing weather. Hope your power keeps on staying on. Stay safe.

    1. Ice storms are no fun at all, even though the aftermath is often dazzling. The storm on Friday wasn’t bad at all. A thin coating of ice, and no power outages in central Maine. Yes, ice can be treacherous. Best to be careful.

  7. Sleet is the one weather that I do not love-Snow is at least beautiful and here, not too many problems as we rarely get but a few inches-this year is odd, as we both agree. I am glad you still have power. stay cozy in that sweet home. love Michele

  8. We have more snow on the way and bitter cold temperatures and I have no idea why winter finally decided to arrive in February! I read ahead and was glad to see you may it through with power!🙂

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