The Countdown Begins!

While it might be only five days until Christmas, it is just two days until the kids—all right, they’re really adults, but they will always be kids to me—come home. Tomorrow, Mike and Shannon will be leaving North Carolina on Saturday and spend the night with Dee in Brooklyn. Then to Maine, to Maine, they all come, and the whole crazy crew will be together until Sunday, December 29, when Shannon and Mike head back to North Carolina. Dee will stay with us until the New Year.

Clif and I are more than a little excited to have everyone home. The shelves, freezer, and refrigerator are bursting with good things to eat. There will be movies, of course, and board games and pizza with friends. And lots and lots of talking. I know the time will fly by ever so fast, but what a delicious feeling it is to be at the beginning of the festivities rather than at the end.

I will be taking a break from blogging until the New Year. With so much family and fun, I’m not sure how many blogs I’ll be able to read, but I’ll be back in the saddle come the beginning of January.

Two things to share before I sign off.

The first is from Suzzane’s Mom’s Blog, a wonderful source of offbeat news, most of it positive. Recently, there was a post about how in 1955 NORAD began tracking Santa’s progress. After all the upsetting news about politics and the climate crisis, this is sure to put a smile on your face. Go, Santa, go!

The second are some snowy pictures I took around our yard. I know that in different parts of the world, Christmas looks different, and that’s as it should be. The world is big, and there is lot of variety. But to northern New England, Christmas means snow, and here are some pictures I took around our yard after the last storm a couple of days ago.

Happy holidays to you all. See you in 2020.

51 thoughts on “The Countdown Begins!”

  1. How exciting to have the whole family visiting for Christmas … we also have our family coming soon. Enjoy the fun and best wishes for the New Year! ⛄️❄️🌞😎

  2. Cannot wait to be up there! See you in just a couple days!! 😄😄😄 ☃️☃️🎄🎄

  3. Awesome, enjoy your family and the festive season, Laurie.
    Happy Holidays and all the best for for 2020.
    Warm greetings from the wintery coast of North Norfolk
    The Fab Four of Cley

  4. Merry merry Christmas to all of you!! I’ll be dropping off a little “I care” package to you sometime Sunday. If there’s a time better for you, message me and let me know. I can just tuck it on the storm door, if you like.

  5. Over the hill & through the woods to grandmother’s house we go? Not exactly a description of 95 or 81 from NC to NCY to Maine, and I guess it’s to mother house. I’m sure you will have lots of good Christmas music going too. – Oscar

  6. I just picked my girls up from the airport last night so now I can breathe a sigh of relief and Christmas can begin here too.
    I hope all your loved ones arrive safely and you all have a wonderful time together.
    Best wishes xxx

  7. By now, everyone should have gathered, and the festivities no doubt have begun. Have a wonderful time with your family, and a very Merry Christmas!

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