That Golden, Dazzling Time of Year

Here we are, heading toward late October, a special time of year for us as this was when our eldest daughter was born forty-two years ago. (Oh, my!) What a darling beautiful baby she was. I suppose most mothers think this about their babies, and rightly so. They are our best beloveds.

Speaking of beauty…in Maine it is all around us even though the storm took down many of the leaves.

When I look up

and when I look down.

Even the black-eyed Susans, which have dropped their petals, still glimmer in October.

In October, the landscape positively glows, partly because of the brilliant leaves and partly because of the way the sun, low in the sky, sends its dazzling light at a slant. As I sit at my desk, the month’s golden loveliness flickers in my peripheral vision, and I find myself gazing outside far more than I should. (Fantasy novels don’t write themselves.)

Well, October comes but once a year, and it would be foolish not to drink in this glorious month. As with May, I wish I could hold onto October’s coattails and implore her to stay longer. “Don’t rush, don’t rush.”

But Nature is on her own schedule, and luminous October must give way to the muted russets of November.

Until then…



40 thoughts on “That Golden, Dazzling Time of Year”

  1. The golden colors are spectacular, especially knowing that the greys and browns and white of the next 6 months will soon be here! Love your photos!

  2. Such beautiful pictures, Laurie! October is usually such a golden month as yours has been, but it has been wet and gloomy here. I am revelling in your fall images!

  3. I also love “the month’s golden loveliness,” Laurie (beautifully written), and I gaze out of my window from my writing desk as much as possible. It might be slightly distracting, but I also find it inspiring. If I were in a room without a view, I would constantly feel the need to go outside.

  4. Happy anniversary of your daughter’s birth. I can imagine how memories of that time are all wrapped up in the joyousness of the season. The three pictures are glorious.

  5. I never see photos like this without thinking of the line from Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s “Christobel” —

    β€œThe one red leaf, the last of its clan,
    That dances as often as dance it can.”

    Knowledge of winter need not keep us from dancing through autumn!

  6. Your autumn leaves are ablaze with colour Laurie! It is lovely to see it from your perspective…beautiful and quite understandable to want to keep autumn standing still. Happy birthday to your daughter! My daughters’ birthdays will always remain special in my life.

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