Not Quite Finished, but Here’s a Blurb for Out of Time

Coming in fall of 2020

Out of Time

Book Three in the Great Library Series

by Laurie Graves

Time, time, time. Maya is back in New York City, where she catches a glimpse of her younger self. But as usual, Maya is too busy to worry about disturbing the space-time continuum.

She must find someone called the Accumulator, who will help her defeat her adversary Cinnial. Find him she does, and with a new team—Will, Jay, and Lexie—Maya goes to a place called Elferterre, where magic rules and danger lurks…



39 thoughts on “Not Quite Finished, but Here’s a Blurb for Out of Time”

  1. Congratulations for being so close to finish. I can do some reading and scanning similar to last time, if you’d like.

    1. Thanks for asking about Elferterre. I wanted the name of this magical place to be a variation on Tennyson’s Elfland from his poem “Splendor Falls.” So “Elfer” is a variation on elf and “terre” is French for land. I put the two together, and voila!

    1. Love that name! Elferterre is wonderful! Thanks for the teaser and I am so anticipating this book! I am glad you found the way…

  2. More names and character to recall as they intertwine… (maybe I’ll have all my other books ready by next years… oh, scratch that idea). Do we get more teases for the next 12 months? – Oscar

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