33 thoughts on “Nasturtium Reprise”

  1. Those are the happiest nasturtiums I have ever seen. some of them would be going into salads if they were near me, but isn’t the scent of them just lovely?

  2. I love nasturtiums, and they remind me of my childhood, my mother who was just a natural gardener, (everything grew for her) always had nasturtiums in the garden.

  3. Your soil is too good for them Laurie – it encourages loads of leafy growth. We grew them on inhospitable clay at the Ecocentre and they were one of the few things to flourish.

    Agree that they taste good too! 🙂

  4. They are beautiful but they can be quite surprising to grow. I tried them in my tiny front garden, went on holiday then came back up the street thinking ‘Whose is that garden overflowing with all that greenery?’ to gradually realise it was mine.

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