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The heat and high humidity have returned, and like an unwelcome guest they don’t show any signs of leaving soon. Clif and I push on without an air conditioner. At what point, I wonder, will one seem like a necessity?

As it is, we’re both in a twiz. Yes, I made that word up as a stand-in for feeling muddled because it’s too darned hot. Not a good feeling as Clif and I both work from home and like to keep the house and yard in some semblance of order.

But enough of that. On to the real subject of the piece, which is our foray into Beyond Burgers, produced by the company Beyond Meat. Before I get started, I want to assure readers that we are getting absolutely nothing from the company, not even a coupon for our next visit to the grocery store. Beyond Meat has  no knowledge of this blog, and the views I will express are certainly my own.

A bit of a backstory for new readers: For several years, Clif and I have been inching toward vegetarianism. First we gave up pork and beef. (We never ate lamb or goat.) Next came chicken. Initially, we stopped eating meat and chicken for environmental reasons, but as new studies indicate how animals have an emotional life, we also became concerned about the ethics. (We still eat eggs and dairy, but that will be a subject for another post.)

Now that we are no longer eating animal flesh of any sort, do we miss it? We do. I won’t deny it. Clif is a sausage hound, and chicken salad is one of my favorites. While beans and pasta are tasty, sometimes we just want the chew and taste of meat. After all, we’ve eaten meat since we were young.

Fortunately, this is an excellent time to be a vegetarian. More and more companies are developing products that have some resemblance to the taste and texture of meat. These products are getting better all the time and have a much smaller carbon footprint than meat does.

We have a mid-sized grocery store near our house, and not long ago they started carrying Beyond Burgers. The Beyond Meat website describes these burgers as “[t]he world’s first plant-based burger that looks, cooks, and satisfies like beef without GMOs, soy, or gluten.”

Clif and I wondered if this description was simply hype. Or, did the Beyond Burgers actually taste like meat? We resolved to find out, and last week we bought some Beyond Burgers.

Clif decided to grill them as that is how we like burgers best.

So far, so good. They look actually burgers, don’t you think?

Now, onto the bun, with pickles and other condiments.

But how did they taste? if Clif and I had been given these burgers without any explanation at somebody’s cookout,  I doubt we would have known they were veggie patties. The burgers had a moist, smoky, downright beefy taste with even a light pink tinge in the middle.

In short, they were excellent, and I could have one right now. (Clif and I are thinking of getting some for our supper.)

The only downside is that Beyond Burgers are expensive—$6 for two patties.  Still, $6 for two people is cheaper than eating out, and we feel it is not extravagant to have these burgers once a week (or so) during the summer.

So tell me, blogging friends, have you had Beyond Burgers? And, if you have, what did you think of them?

Next on the docket will be faux chicken strips to make salad or stir  fries. I will be sure to keep you all posted.

51 thoughts on “Beyond Burgers”

  1. Looks very nice and yummy! I have never heard of those burgers before, Laurie.
    Warm greetings to the two of you from the coast of North Norfolk,

  2. My wife told me about good non-meat burgers that she’s been reading about. These probably are them. I’ll mention your story to her at dinner tonight. Bye till next time!


  3. I’ve only recently become a vegetarian – or ‘pescatarian’ more accurately as I still eat fish – and although I don’t really miss meat per se, I do miss the choice and variety I once had when shopping for food. Some people get sniffy about eating non-meat food that is made to look like meat but I really don’t care as long as it isn’t meat that I’m eating.
    I don’t know whether Maine is one of the states that have banned calling a non-meat burger a ‘burger’ – as they are also doing in Europe – but maybe calling the company ‘Beyond Burger’ with the phrase ‘plant based patties’ beneath it gets round that.
    Anyway, enjoy!

    1. Oh, food snobs! I’ve met more than a few. I’m with you. As long as it isn’t meat—and it tastes good!—I’m fine. Clif and I view Beyond Burgers as a summertime treat that we have occasionally. Most of the time, we are fine with beans, lentils, pasta, and veggies. Yes, the United States is in the middle of the “burger” controversy. And milk. And butter. A what-the-heck moment.

  4. I will look for those burgers, for sure. They look amazing. My girls and I have been on and off this path for many years. But the good habits stay, even if perfection isn’t happening. It’s always a good bump to be reminded.

    1. It is not an easy path. In fact, being a conscientious eater is darned hard. But onward we go, and as you noted, the good habits stay, even if the results aren’t perfect.

  5. I have been seeing these and there’s a restaurant near my workplace that has been serving them. A colleague got one and said it was pretty darn good. I don’t have any love for beef, so haven’t been tempted, but if I have a cookout this year, I might get some. I thought they might be a bit pricey (most veggie burgers are) but if they’re good and scratch an itch, I’d say go for it!

    1. They will be a summer treat for us, when we can cook them on the grill. If you have them at cookout, let me know how your guests like them.

  6. They certainly look good and if I ever see them I’ll give them a go. I was pleased to see the ingredients didn’t include palm oil as that is something I am avoiding if I can.

      1. Yes! Trying to think of something to cook that is tasty, non-fattening and contains none of the ingredients I don’t wish to eat is also getting harder and harder. I must confess that I am becoming heartily sick of some vegetables. Like the children in ‘The Night Before Christmas’ I am having visions, not of sugar-plums but of meat pies and cake – lots of cake. 😀

  7. Are these the same as the Impossible Burgers I keep reading about? I’ve been intrigued–it’s good to hear a positive review from you!

    1. Two different brands. Impossible Burgers are soy based. Beyond Burgers are pea based. Burger King has begun featuring the Impossible Burgers, but not in Maine. I would be interested in trying them.

  8. I have never tried anything vegetarian that mimics meat. It sounds a great option though for anyone who craves beef. I am convinced that animals have something very akin to our consciousness, although their (apparent) lack of language might hamper them from understanding some things. I often think it is ironic we search out intelligent life on other planets but have so little interest in communicating with life on our own.

    1. Susan, I feel the same way about animals. It also seems that plants and trees have a sort of consciousness. But we must eat something, and beyond burgers are a tasty, plant-based alternative to meat.

    1. They are very tasty. This afternoon, I’ll be picking some up for our supper. We envision them as a summer treat cooked on the grill. i expect they wouldn’t taste as good pan-fried.

  9. They sound interesting Laurie … &. Very good to have meat alternatives. We don’t each much meat anymore & our daughters eat even less… so hopefully the times they are a-changing!

  10. I’ve been a vegetarian since my early teens. I never know how authentic veggie burgers taste as I’ve never had a beef one . These found good though.

  11. Hiya, I’ve been vegetarian for a long time and tried Beyond Meat products as soon as they came out. They started with frozen products (a ground beef alternative, frozen burgers, and frozen sliders) which are all quite good. The ground “beef” does well in recipes like chili and the sliders are a lot of fun. Local stores here recently started carrying their two sausage products — a spicy Italian sausage and brat — in packs of four, both kinds excellent. Tonight’s dinner, as it happens!

    I agree they’re a bit pricey, but that may change as products like this become more popular, especially since they’re making their appearance in all sorts of restaurants and food chains.

    You might check out the cookbook “Meatless” by Martha Stewart, one of the first cookbooks I bought when I made the switch. Awesome recipes there, especially the soups, stews, and chilis. White-Cheddar Corn Chowder is one of my favorites; almost the same recipe is on her website ( … just substitute vegetable broth for the chicken broth. It’s great when fresh corn is in season, and doubles well to make enough for several meals.

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