Epic Mosquitoes, Lush Gardens

This year because of the cool, rainy spring we had, the mosquitoes (and ticks!) are epic, as the kids would say. In my thirty-five years of living in the woods, I have never seen the mosquitoes this thick and furious. (The Thick and the Furious. A name for a north woods horror movie?) Even a short stroll to the mailbox across the street brings a squadron of those biting buzzers, and clutching the mail as I hurry down the driveway, I am all too happy to be back inside.

The Herbal Armor insect repellent helps a lot, and we will be ordering more of it. I’ll be praying to the weather gods for a stretch of dry, sunny weather to hold back those dratted mosquitoes. (Not dry enough for a drought, mind you. Just enough to shrink the standing pools of water.)

But as the saying goes, there’s a silver lining to every cloud. Except for the basil, which is languishing in the chilly weather, the gardens are lush, lush, lush. What a pleasure to look at the various shades of green. I have finally made peace with the fact that because I live in the woods, I will never have a cottage garden bursting with color. (Sigh!) In making that peace, I am actually enjoying the modest beauty of a garden that mostly has plants known for their foliage. (Hostas, I’m talking about you!)

Here is a shot of the front garden.

A few modest blooms provide color.

The chives are nearly ready to open.

And out back, Eliza’s iris is in soft, white bloom. (Thanks, Eliza, for giving me this beauty.)

This weekend is Father’s Day in the United States, and on Saturday, Clif and I plan on going for a bike ride on the rail trail in Hallowell and Gardiner. Weather permitting. There just might be Chinese food for lunch. And possibly a zombie movie on Sunday.

A very Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

29 thoughts on “Epic Mosquitoes, Lush Gardens”

  1. Good to see the Brunnera “Alexander” is coming along nicely! All my sedums and other succulents are NOT loving the wetness. I’ve got lots of rot happening there

  2. Your irises are beautiful, and while I understand a little longing for color, those shades of green are beautiful. My own favorite irises are four of our natives: members of the family, but rather unlike garden irises. One, called Herbertia or prairie nymph, can spread out to cover acres with tiny blooms only a few inches high. Here’s an image of the cute little thing from my photo blog.

    I wish hostas were better growers here. Certain species can be nursed along, but they do better farther north. Apparently even gardeners in Dallas/Ft.Worth do better with them than we do along the coast.

  3. It is cold and wet here in West Wales but thankfully no mosies! Last year we had drought for weeks and my rainwater butts ran out. This year they are overf!owing. The plants can cope with the rain but the cold is holding everything back. Thank goodness for greenhouses! Your front garden looks great – lush and green. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. I hate mosquitoes – i’ve ordered some of the repellent you recommended in case we are bothered too much with them this Summer.
    I love your hostas – do you have problems with slugs and snails loving them too?

  5. Black flies and skeeters are no fun this year or any year! Definitely a bonus year for them. 😦
    Glad our iris is doing well. I’ll have to send you some columbine seeds to sow about your shade garden. That would give you a bit of color. 🙂
    HFD to Clif!

  6. I hate mosquitoes too & in summer we use citronella candles when we have a barbecue. Your front garden looks lovely, so green and lush..😀and the Combined colours of the Irises are gorgeous. Happy Father’s Day to Clif!

  7. Your garden is looking good, especially the Irises. Mosquitoes are starting to make a nuisance of themselves in Chicago also. I should try ordering that Herbal Armor. As for The Thick and Furious, it could be a horror movie, or maybe a rock band.

  8. Beautiful flowers and I love your front garden!🙂 That is a perfect title for a north woods horror movie and I’m very tired of the rain and bugs! Please tell me there’s no way this weather pattern can continue into July!🙂

  9. Oh, your gardens are looking wonderful, Laurie. Lush and green is a wonderful thing. Sorry about the mosquitoes – we have had lots of rain and lots of sun – maybe just enough sun to dry up the puddles in between because they aren’t an issue here yet.

  10. Boy, I hate mosquitoes! The older I get, the more their bites swell up and even blister! When we sit outside in the evening, we often use an oscillating fan, on high, to blow them away. It does seem to help! I love your hostas and that white iris!

  11. I love the soothing green of your front garden and the spots of colour enhance it wonderfully. I am sorry you are plagued with mosquitoes; may the puddles dry up and the mosquitoes fade away. Our worst time for mosquitoes is late summer and autumn though we do get other biting flies like horse flies and cleggs from July onwards. All very unpleasant!

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