25 thoughts on “Welcome, Flowers!”

  1. Your iris is gorgeous. Three of my favorite native wildflowers are in the iris family, and all are lavender: prairie nymph (Herbertia lahue) in SE Texas, prairie celestials (Nemastylis geminiflorain the hill country, and purple pleat-leaf (Alophia drummondii) in east Texas. But irises like yours are happy across the state — I’m glad they’re up in your garden now, too!

  2. Oh, you have Solomon seal! I was just admiring ours yesterday–so subtle and lovely! Your irises are way ahead of ours, though.

    1. Subtle and lovely are a perfect description of Solomon seal. I am amazed that we are ahead of you. It has been such a cool, rainy spring in Maine. Better than the heat they are having down South, though. Holy cats!

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