Update: Of Hummingbirds and Words

First the words—I reached my goal of 45,000 in Out of Time, the third book in my Great Library Series. Woo-hoo! I am halfway done, more or less, and right on target. A great feeling.

And lest you think I have stayed inside the whole time, here are two pictures of hummingbirds to prove this isn’t so. My wee camera can’t capture these little whizzing beauties as well as other cameras can, but I know these shots will please readers who don’t have hummingbirds come to their backyards.

Dee, my New York daughter, will be arriving on Saturday and will be staying for a week.

I’ll be back to regular blogging the first of June.

Onward, ho!


33 thoughts on “Update: Of Hummingbirds and Words”

  1. Congratulations on being halfway done. Quite an accomplishment. I think your little camera does very well. We think our hummingbird has a nest in the maple tree as it keeps going back and forth from the feeder to the tree. Much fun to watch.

    1. OH! In all these (23!!) years of feeding the hummingbirds, I have never seen a nest. Nor have I ever had such a hint that one is nearby. Enjoy that magic, Beth!

  2. Between hummingbirds returning and it being Memorial Day, the summer season is poised to begin– Hurrah!
    Have a great week with Dee.

  3. Yay, well done dear Laurie! Enjoy your time with your daughter and please keep those hummingbird pics coming – we love them! xxx

  4. Wonderful pics, Laurie – even better when I click to magnify as Derrick mentioned. SO proud of you for all your hard writing work! I know how much dedication that takes. Bravo you! Enjoy your week off with Dee.
    I am lucky – my “New York Daughter” is just 2 hours away. : )

  5. Well done, Laurie! Lovely to see the hummingbirds. I am surprised you have them so early in the season. It seems as if your snow has not long been gone or is that just time flying by?

    1. Yes, you are right. The snow has not been gone long, but in Maine, Spring comes in at a clip that can only be called astonishing. Maine is a cold northern state, and this speed is a necessity.

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