Happy Earth Day, Happy Birthday!

Today is a special day for us. Not only is it Earth Day, but it is also our daughter Shannon’s birthday. Happy birthday to a very special person!

My blogging friend Judy noted that Earth Day is forty-nine years old, almost old enough to be a member of AARP.Β  Too funny! Judy also wrote that even though she gets stung more than she would like, she still leaves all manner of flowering weeds in her lawn to attract bees and other pollinators. Yay, Judy!

My blogging friend Eliza wrote that “every day should be Earth Day where we do our best to take care of our planet.” Hear, hear! And she posted an oh-so-lovely blue bouquet in “a small, cobalt-blue tincture bottle.” What a fitting way to honor our beautiful blue planet.

From the often curmudgeonly but nonetheless excellent website Tree Hugger, here are ten tips to make every day Earth Day.

Today is a gray but mild day in our neighborhood. To honor Earth Day, we are not going anywhere at all. It will be a no-car day—we do our best to have several of these each week. If the weather allows, we will sweep the patio and haul out the small patio table from our cellar. Heck, if the rain hold off we will even have our first patio drink of the season, where we will toast Earth Day and our birthday daughter.

Finally, here is a picture of a small fallen tree on the edge of our yard by the woods. A wonderful example of how nothing is wasted in nature.

Happy Earth Day to all!

37 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day, Happy Birthday!”

  1. Thanks or the birthday wishes!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸŽπŸŽ

    Happy Earth Day!!

  2. Happy Earth Day, Laurie and Clif (and HB to Shannon)! Thanks for the mention above and glad you got that allusion to our ‘little blue dot’ via my vase. πŸ˜‰
    Hope you get to enjoy some patio time today, if not, soon!

  3. Happy birthday πŸŽ‚ to Shannon! The photo of the lichen covered log is great. It would make a good greeting card!

  4. I enjoyed hearing from both you and your fellow bloggers. I watched the Netflix series One Earth last night. Your photo reminded me of the amazing photography in that series.

  5. Reading Tree Hugger shocked me because I had not made the connection that cheese (which I do eat) was nearly as harmful as beef. I felt a bit down on Earth Day. I tried to write a post but was not happy with it. Eventually I stirred myself into some form of action, replacing a few old light bulbs I was still using out of false sense of economy with A rated ones and got a climate change book out of the library. It didn’t feel like much but at least it was something.

    1. I feel the same way, Susan. Here is my philosophy: I do what I can, always pushing myself to do more. We no longer eat meat, but we still eat some dairy and eggs. (The hens are free range and live next door.) We have found an acceptable butter substitute from our local supermarket and will only have butter on special occasions. We have a car, but only use it when we have to. Finally, as my friend Diane put it, no one is environmentally perfect.

      1. Thanks, Susan. My neighbors are so sweet they won’t take any money for the eggs. In return, I give them a loaf of homemade bread when I make a batch.

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