A Week in Two Acts

Act I

What’s Making Me Droopy

On Monday, Winter let us know it was not quite done with Maine by sending a storm that dropped five or six inches of snow. Once again, Clif had to take Little Green out for a spin, and once again,  the town’s snowplow left a tall, hard ridge of snow at the end of our driveway.

The week before, the backyard was free enough of snow that I had hopes of starting to pick up the many sticks that have fallen over the winter. But no, nature had other plans. No picking up sticks for me, no getting a whiff of spring.

Here is Snow-Gauge Clif in the backyard.

And here he is in the front yard. Despite the snow, Clif still looks perky.

However, I am not quite as perky. You might even describe me as  droopy, and I keep repeating, “Soon Spring will come. Soon Spring will come.”

Act II

What’s Making Me Happy

After moaning about Winter and its bony grip, I thought I would balance this post with something that’s making me oh so happy. It’s a picture of a junco—birder lovers, please correct me if I’m wrong—that I bought at a craft fair last week.

Clif and I were at the fair with our books—we did well!—and right across from us sat a talented photographer named Norma Warden. I chatted with her for a bit, and Norma told me she recently moved to Maine from California. She is unfamiliar with the Maine craft fair scene, and I gave her a few tips.

After spending the morning and part of the afternoon admiring Norma’s work, which blends photography with a painterly sensibility, I bought one of her pictures. Birds and art are two of my weaknesses, and when they are combined at a good price, who am I to resist?

The picture is hanging on the wall by my desk, and every time I look at that little bird, I smile.

Here is a link to Norma’s website, where you will find her lovely art selling for amazingly reasonable prices.

44 thoughts on “A Week in Two Acts”

  1. I feel your pain Laurie – I’ve been so grumpy about all the cold and wet we have had, making it feel like a very long winter – but I must get a grip – you have it much worse.
    And we have just had a couple of lovely sunny days. Hoping to send some your way.
    Love your bird picture – fascinating combination of skills – so perky and calming at the same time.

  2. Still, even with the new snow, it is a lot less than last time you posted. And tomorrow is supposed to be the warmest day yet this year. There is hope!

  3. So sorry about the grump-inducing weather. But so glad you did well at the book fair!

    I also call that bird a Junco. They only come here in the winter, and I believe that is what Anne Murray was singing about in “Snow Bird.”

    Not sure if I’m allowed to post a link in here or not – but this is the song.

      1. I’m shocked that link worked. Anne didn’t tell me herself that this was the bird she sang about. I really don’t know where that came from. But it’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  4. Oh, I love Juncos! They are a sweet little bird. I’m not sure if we have them through the summer or not, but I know they are around in the winter. Nice!

  5. Sorry to see you’ve had more snow Laurie and thankfully it’s not as thick a blanket at last time – I can see why snow-gauge Clif looks perky! The bird picture looks beautiful – it made us smile too 🙂💖🐦 xxx

  6. Focus on Act II! That’s where the happy ending is–a good craft show, a lovely new picture, and the knowledge that spring *must* be approaching!

  7. Spring *is* on its way to you, Laurie. We are supposed to have spring here but we have frosts every night and I was beaten about the head by hailstones twice today! I love your pretty Junco picture and well done for your success at the fair!

  8. That’s a lovely chubby little bird – I don’t believe we have them in Europe. Sending you a bit of our sunshine from S.W. France.

  9. Well at least there is happy as well as droopy. I hope the winter disappears soon – we are currently suffering from cold east winds (from Russia), but apparently it’s going to warm up at the end of the week – I can’t wait!

  10. Our winter Junco’s must have headed north recently, as I have not seen them for a few weeks, since our last snow event. We are enjoying a colorfull Spring with 70F days (between rain storms). It’s coming your way.

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