Making Sugar Easter Eggs: A Day of Fun, Crafts, and Fellowship

Yesterday was warm and sunny, a finest kind of day to head an hour north to my friend Beth’s house. With two other friends in tow, off we went in my little red Honda Fit—a.k.a. Sparky. Beth had invited us over for a day of food, crafts, and fellowship. A perfect trio.

Courtesy of JoAnne, we started with appetizers and the best chai I have ever tasted. To guild the lily, there was even whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon on top of the chai.

Then it was on to the craft. Since Easter is coming up, and Spring is supposedly right around the corner, Beth organized a sugar Easter egg craft for us. She made sugar eggs and provided all sorts of little items for us to decorate them.

Because I am always drawn to animals, I chose a dog and a cat to start with.  From there it was off to the icing, flowers, and other fun things.

Here is the finished egg, with a peek-a-boo kitty and a sweet dog on top.

The other eggs are just as sweet.

After making the eggs, we cleaned the dining room table and had lunch: an utterly delicious  chili; a tasty fruit and quinoa salad; and for dessert lemon cookies and bread as well as apple crisp.

What a wonderful afternoon! And yesterday we lucked out with the weather because this is what it looks like today from my office window. Yes, readers, it is snowing. Six inches are predicted. Sigh.

Never mind. My thoughts have turned to our next get together, which will be at my home in June. I’ve planned a Book Buddy Brunch, where we share a book that has moved us in some way and read a short passage from it.

Fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain so that we can eat on the patio.

But if it does rain, we’ll gather around the dining room table, eat, and talk. We’ll have a good time no matter the weather.




31 thoughts on “Making Sugar Easter Eggs: A Day of Fun, Crafts, and Fellowship”

  1. The eggs are beautiful. I like your idea for the June meeting as well! We will get through the snow, we were forecast to have only 1-2”, but got at least 4”. Yuck!

  2. Put your sunglass on and ignore that white stuff. 🙂 I’ve never tried sugared eggs so I have to go google how they’re made. They were truly lovely, and I’m sure they will decorate all of your homes over the holiday. 🙂

    1. Sure was!!!! A finest kind of day. And I am so thrilled with my egg. It’s in our dining room, and every time I go by it, I smile. Many thanks, Beth!

  3. Wow, I’m going to have to look up how you actually make sugar eggs. Those were all really cute. Sorry about the snow. Ugh. It was 80 degrees here today, but rained a bit, which will be good for the seeds in the garden. I hope you get to have another meeting on schedule!

  4. The sugared eggs look gorgeous! Good for you ignoring the weather, and organising a Book Buddy Brunch….I really like that idea, I might do that in our winter.

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