On the Verge of Spring with Snow-Gauge Clif

Finally, finally, March is coming to an end. The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and at long last, the snow is beginning to melt. Once the snow starts going, it does so at an astonishing clip, and Snow-Gauge Clif is here to chronicle the progress.

Here he is in the front yard. I know. Still a lot of snow. But just you wait. By mid-April, it will be mostly gone.

Despite all the snow that still remains, progress has been made. The front roof is now clear.

And look at the driveway. No ice! Be still my trembling heart.

Now for the backyard, which gets more sun than the front does.Β  There are actually bare patches here and there.

I’ve saved the best for last. Lo and behold. The patio is emerging.

Readers, next week be prepared for astonishment.

41 thoughts on “On the Verge of Spring with Snow-Gauge Clif”

  1. Well, ‘snow gauge Clif’ is doing a grand job. We only have the poles on the way up to the ski station in winter around here – no cheerful man attached to them ☹

  2. Oh how I remember the joy of seeing the first patches of grass, and an ice free driveway! But in the NH Lakes, β€œice out” is typically the LAST week of April… Hang in there!

  3. We’ve got several bare spots. I hope things melt well during the next week or two! Clif does his job with great expertise; you can tell that he has plenty of experience!

  4. These warm days are really pushing things along, hurrah! I raked a bare area in front of the house today and found a crocus and some snow drops – yay! We’ve about 50% coverage to go, won’t be long now.

    1. You bet! Speaking of hostas…do you save your eggshells to line the garden around your hostas? I have heard that egg shells help keep the slugs at bay, and I am planing to try them this year.

  5. I am glad to see the snow is slowly receding and the patio is nearly clear. I was reminded of my beer traps for snails by Judy’s comment (Judy@NewEnglandGardenAndThread). I had great success with my slug beer-traps but then was awakened one night by a lot of noise in my garden. A hedgehog had discovered the bloated and soporific slugs and had been gorging on them and drinking the beer. He/she was drunk and was careering round the garden and throwing the dishes about that had had the beer in. I was sure that beer wasn’t good for hedgehogs and didn’t use the traps often after that. I wonder what kind of hangover a hedgehog has!

    1. The snow is m-e-l-t-i-n-g. Wait until you see tomorrow’s photos! What a story about the drunk hedgehog. Throwing dishes around! I bet you didn’t expect that. I can see why you didn’t use the traps after the drunken hedgehog incident, which actually sounds all too human.

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