March Misery

Readers unfamiliar with Maine might think I’m exaggerating when it comes to the horror of March in northern New England. Au contraire! And I have the pictures to prove it.

This was the view this morning from my office window.

Here is another one from a slightly different angle. Note the spitting snow and the hard, dirty snow banks.

Yesterday, Snow-Gauge Clif did  his measuring duty with his trusty red yard stick.  Hats off to Clif for looking so cheerful.

In the backyard, Clif doesn’t look quite as cheerful. Maybe it was the penguin-walking he did over the icy paths to get there. Fortunately, he didn’t fall and break anything.

Despite all the griping, I do have to admit that some progress has been made in the driveway.  There are actually bar patches of tar amid the ice and snow.

So onward, ho! April is just around the corner, and as I sit at my desk and write, I can hear a male cardinal singing his sweet song.

Spring is coming, albeit ever so slowly.


41 thoughts on “March Misery”

  1. Hang in there! Spring is coming soon to your neck of the woods. Here on the west coast it arrived very suddenly, practically overnight, just as we were about to give up together! Best of luck!

      1. Yes, so I understand. My brother lives in New Hampshire, and if weather conditions there are any indication of what it is like in Maine……good luck! Hope spring comes to you soon too!

  2. I feel your pain! Haven’t been out much – we all got ill — but I was delighted to go out yesterday and find the temperature quite mild. Today its blustery again, and we are told there will be snow in the days to come. Tell that to the birds! They’re singing their spring songs!

  3. Snow, snow, go away, leave Laurie and Clif to get their patio furniture out. 🙂

  4. The ice & sluggy snow looks very tricky for walking,I wonder how elderly folk living alone cope during March?
    Lucky April is just around the corner! 😀🌞

    1. Sharp eyes! No, he just figured it was warm enough to go outside without gloves. Remember, we are Mainers, where 40 degrees Fahrenheit feels pretty darned good.

  5. That does look grim! I will stop moaning about our constant wind, grey skies and intermittent rain – March is my least favourite month for sure!

  6. I was in your neck of the woods on Friday and was surprised to see how much more snow you have than we do. But today is going to be a gorgeous, sunny spring-is-here day, so perhaps you’ll be seeing the last of it soon.

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