Crazy Mainers and Ice Cream

Not far from where we live is a fabulous ice cream stand called Fielder’s Choice. They make their own ice cream, utterly delicious and reasonably priced. Even by American standards, the servings are huge.

Right after Christmas, Fielder’s Choice closed for a few months, but with spring supposedly on the horizon, they are back. In what has become an annual ritual, Clif and I, along with our friends Claire and Mary Jane, went to Fielder’s Choice for opening day.

Here is Clif, posing by the listings of ice cream. No, he is not a double-fisted ice cream eater. Instead, he is holding my peanut-butter ice cream cone. My absolute favorite.

Note the down jacket Clif is wearing, and the next picture will illustrate why my cone was in no danger of melting. Here, standing by a snow bank on a cold March day, are three lovely Mainers with their ice creams. We northerners sure know how to have fun.

To complete the frosty theme of this post, here is snow-gauge Clif in the front yard.

And in the backyard.

I hate to be pessimistic, but it seems to me that even though Fielder’s Choice has reopened, spring is not right around the corner. Not by a long shot.

54 thoughts on “Crazy Mainers and Ice Cream”

  1. The double-fisted ice cream eater sounds like it should be a book title. I can see why they don’t melt but I’m with you – I’ll eat ice cream at any time of the year. You’ve reminded me of eating knickerbocker glory on holiday as a child – I even looked to see if it was listed in the window.

  2. I read that New Englanders eat more ice cream than any other part of the US. I grew up eating it at least once a day. It’s a great tradition that you do that, but you all look chilled to the bone!

  3. Yet another thing we have in common, Laurie – peanut butter ice cream is at the top of my list, too. That is a horrendous amount of snow you have. I feel like it’s increasing. Any bets on when the patio will be clear?

  4. You’re right Laurie, I think your spring is far away. Ours is nearly in full bloom over here! Our trees are starting to get blossoms and spring flowers are out! But the ice cream looks good!

  5. I LOVE the Mainers eating their ice-creams in the snow, that is showing lots of ”joie de vivre”! Well done to Clif the snow gauge!

  6. Crazy indeed! You wouldn’t get me standing outside in all that snow with an ice-cream!
    Snow-gauge Clif is even deeper in the snow than last year!

  7. A fun post! I don’t think I have ever gone out to buy an ice cream cone in winter. The snow is still here too though my guy says the birds are sounding like spring.

  8. I really need to switch my visits to the ice cream stand from summer to winter so I no longer have to worry about my ice cream cone melting all over my shirt!πŸ™‚ Love the Maine spirit!πŸ™‚

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