A Sunny Gift on a Cold Day

Normally, I don’t post two pieces on my blog in the same day, but I just received a box of these beauties from my blogging friend, Betsy, all the way from sunny California. So today I am making an exception.

Holy cats, this gift of oranges and lemons made my day! Many, many thanks, Betsy, forย  your wonderful generosity. Oh, how beautiful they are.

And to think they grew in Betsy’s own backyard. While I love living in Maine, I have to admit that I would be thrilled beyond description to actually be able to pick oranges in my backyard.

Again, Betsy, thanks so much!

28 thoughts on “A Sunny Gift on a Cold Day”

  1. How wonderful, especially with them being home-grown! I eat crates of clementines this time of year and have done for decades whenever I can get them–

  2. What beauties! I lived in Auckland in the 70s and had orange and lemon trees then but my fruit didn’t look nearly as good as your friend’s.

  3. I am so glad I made you happy! Your blog is a such a bright light in my life — it is very nice to be able to share with you. โค Thank you for the lovely cards.๐Ÿ˜

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