23 thoughts on “Blowing Away”

    1. As I mentioned to Tootlepedal, this was the music I listened to when I was thirteen or so. It’s considered “sunshine pop.” Not really my genre anymore, but I do have a soft spot for this song and others that they did.

      1. Lovely photo – it’s milkweed, isn’t it?

        Bravo to you for inserting a song link. It was a mystery to me until recently. And that song! My mom would listen to AM radio every morning & I know MANY songs by heart just from hearing them. This is one I know but have not heard nor thought of since I was little. But I totally know it. It must have been before Aquarious – which I can still sing start to finish.

    1. Thanks, Tootlepedal. That song falls under the category of “sunshine pop,” which appealed to me when I was thirteen. Not really my genre anymore, but because of the memories of my younger self, I still have a soft spot for it.

  1. So fun! I live and also teach where the Santa Ana winds blow day after day. The song is a good soundtrack for my life! Last week I was at Joni Mitchell’s 75th birthday concert. We got to sing happy birthday to her! Music is so sustaining and those songs from years ago stay with us.

    1. Betsy, wow oh wow oh wow! When I was a teenager, Joni Mitchell was my absolute favorite, and I still like her music very much. It seems to me her work has stood the test of time. I am absolutely green with envy that you got to go to her birthday concert and sang happy birthday to her.

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