Glasses of Shame

All right. The first proof copy of Library Lost has been edited, and a second proof copy is on its way, with an expected delivery of next week. Normally, this  would be a chance for me to catch my breath and maybe get some much-needed household chores done. But…we have two fairs this weekend, and, just to add a merry touch, a nor’easter is blowing up the East Coast. Will the fairs be canceled? And, our perennial question, will we lose our power? Stay tuned!

Last week, Clif had a cataract removed, and the procedure was a huge success. His vision is greatly improved, and he hardly has any restrictions on what he can lift. But I promised you a funny story about his cataracts, and here it is.

First, we must have a picture of Clif wearing what he has dubbed his “glasses of shame,” which loudly proclaim cataract surgery and old codger satus. The gray hair, of course, just adds to it.

Even with a procedure as minimally invasive as a cataract removal, fasting is necessary. An upset stomach during the procedure would be a Very Bad Thing. Clif’s surgery was just past noon, and by the time he had sufficiently recovered, it was about 2:30 or 3:00. Even though Clif  was woozy from the sedatives he had been given, he was hungry. Extremely hungry.

The nurse was in the room while we were discussing where to eat, and she said, “There’s a Kentucky Fried Chicken just down the road.”

“Do you want to go there?” I asked Clif.

“Yes,” came the prompt reply.

Thus one of our guilty pleasures is revealed—we both have a soft spot for Kentucky Fried Chicken. A leftover from our youthful days, I suppose. We hardly ever eat there, but when we do, we enjoy it.

The nurse helped a wobbly Clif to the car, and off I drove. At KFC, there was, of course, no nurse to help Clif. There was just me, significantly shorter than Clif and with creaky knees to boot. In we toddled—a woozy Clif with his glasses of shame and me doing my best to hold a steady course. I can only imagine what we looked like.

Because we hardly ever go to KFC, we had no idea what the various meals included. Swaying slightly, we studied the large menu sign on the wall behind the counter. Finally I asked the woman who was patiently waiting for our order about what sides came with one of the Big Box Meals.

Without hesitating, she leaned over and said in a loud whisper, “Ask for the senior citizen special.”

And so we did, saving ourselves about $10. We each had two pieces of perfectly cooked chicken, a surprisingly light biscuit, hot mashed potatoes with gravy (yes, they were instant), and cole slaw.

As we ate, we giggled about being urged to order the senior citizen special. This is a first for us as usually we have to ask for it. But I suppose we looked like a pair who was in desperate need of a good deal.

Everyone once in a while, there is a benefit to being gray haired and wobbly.




40 thoughts on “Glasses of Shame”

  1. Glad his surgery was a huge success and that you got a luncheon deal to boot. 🙂 I find each year, more people offering to hold a door for me. I smile, say thank you, but giggle inside thinking that they assume I’m so old I can’t get the door myself. Geez, I hope they aren’t right. 🙂

  2. So glad Clif’s surgery went well and you got yourselves a super meal too! We wish Clif a speedy recovery and a wonderful weekend to you both 🤗💖 xxx

    1. Yes, I agree. Those glasses look rather good, actually – at least from the front. If the sides are super wide, though – well, that would be the bummer.

  3. I imagine that the KFC staffers considered the possibility of alcohol as you staggered into the place.

    I am pleased that things are getting done in a satisfactory way.

  4. Great story, Laurie. Glad it was a success and that you can be jolly. Cliff must be brave. My husband had to have cataract surgery and it creeped me out so bad. They said they’d give him drugs that were like “two glasses of wine.” I think I’d need two bottles to let them do that to me.

    1. Thanks, Jodie. I guess you’ll have to have a double dose should you need the surgery. I do sympathize. I have a phobia of hospitals and doctors in general. I go, but it’s not easy for me.

  5. I am so pleased Clif’s eye surgery was a success. This is one of those operations that almost immediately, make such a big difference to our quality of life. I loved the story, Laurie!

  6. Good to hear the surgery went well. The glasses suit him – he looks like an aging member of a cult rock band. That, I believe, makes you the trophy wife.

    I’m just getting used to the idea of senior discounts – not sure whether I like the savings or feel bad about the approaching decrepitude.


  7. I can never decide whether to ask for the senior discount or not. I love to save money but hate to admit to being “senior.” And I really hate it when they just automatically give me the discount–is it so obvious I’m over 60?!?!? I’m glad Clif’s procedure went without incident!

    1. As I am someone who loves a good deal, it really doesn’t bother me. But the whole scenario in KFC just cracked me up—our doddering and hesitations and then the loud whisper of our server. Too funny!

  8. Always sooooo many other things going on in life. Healthy recovery. I was surprised that they call the last storm as Nor’easter, given that it is not yet November 1st. And, I must say that I had a personal interest in the matter: Hurrican Oscar is forming in the Altlantic, but should stay out to sea. Happy editing.

    1. It is my understanding that certain weather conditions make a nor’easter a nor’easter, but this one was a little early. Hope the next hurricane stays way out to sea.

      1. My understanding (granted I grew up in CA) is that both are tropic lows, but hurricanes are during “warm” periods with lots of rain & wind, nor’easters are during “cold” times and bring snow and wind (which this one was supposed to bring to Maine…hey, isn’t that were you live?) I’m sure there is a more precise description.

  9. I did wonder what the funny story was going to be and loved the senior outing to KFC!😁 I’m glad everything went well with the surgery and that Clif is stylishly recovering and that you’re one step closer to finishing Library Lost. I hope the weather wasn’t too bad and the fairs were crowded.🙂

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