Proof, Proof, Proofing

I would like to say that I am enjoying the glories of October while getting yard work done, but that would not be the truth. Instead, I am working like a busy chickadee getting my second book, Library Lost, ready for publication.

It is intense, picky work. I go over the book line by line, squinting at formatting errors and checking for those dratted typos that always seem to slip through. I am happy to report I am making good progress. I also have other readers who are helping me.

In all likelihood, Library Lost will be ready sometime mid-November. But before then, I hope to be out with my wee camera recording the glories of late autumn in northern New England.

I also have a funny story to tell about Clif’s cataract surgery. How often does that happen?

In the meantime…

38 thoughts on “Proof, Proof, Proofing”

  1. Please add me to your list of readers. I’m very good at grammar, spelling and finding typos. Plus I’d like to help you out.

      1. It’s part of the process, and while I am not an especially patient person, it seems I have a lot of patience for editing. As I wrote previously, words and stories are my thing.

    1. Thanks, Derrick! Clif’s surgery went very, very well. His vision is so much better. A lot has changed with cataract surgery in the past 25 years, and in this case, the change is for the better.

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