The Last Butterfly of the Season

This still beauty will soon go in the basement, or down cellar as we Mainers put it.

As for the live butterflies…they are gone, along with the dragonflies. Last night, I listened for crickets but couldn’t hear any. I’ll listen tonight, too, but they might be gone as well.

October, with all this loss, it’s a good thing you’re so beautiful.

24 thoughts on “The Last Butterfly of the Season”

  1. The only sound I hear outdoors in the evenings is the sound of leaves falling and they have really been falling the last few days. Love the final butterfly shot of the season and your final sentence!

  2. Always sad to see the end of the season, and then the crickets going… sad. However, we have magpies nesting near our bedroom window and they have taken to warbling softly to each other at 3.00 am in the morning… so this could be our downside to spring!

    1. Yes, so sad. I always love hearing birdsong in the spring, although some birds have better voices than others. However, warbling softly doesn’t sound too bad. 😉

  3. Another beautiful and touching post! Also a reminder of how different Southern California life is. We feed hummingbirds and other birds all year long here and we are still hatching out the last monarchs to join the great migration…so the season’s changes are not as radical…We will be buried in fall leaves from our huge walnut tree in front and from our very tall sycamore in back. I tease my husband that he will have a personal relationship with each of the thousand plus leaves since he rakes continually so we are not ankle deep in leaves all fall.

  4. A season of loss. All our summer visiting birds have gone but the winter visiting birds haven’t arrived yet so we are quiet – except at night when the owls are hooting fit to bust!
    I love the colours in your photo, Laurie. Au revoir, butterfly!

  5. Laurie, I notice the crickets, too, and it was a very short cricket season this year in northern Illinois.

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