The Book’s the Thing: Taking a Short Break from Blogging

Right now, most of my time, focus, and energy are directed toward getting my YA fantasy Library Lost ready for publication. The final editing is long, slow, and somewhat tedious, but it is part of the process if you want a good book.

So, I will be taking a short break from blogging in order to get the editing done. The break will probably last a week or so, maybe a little more. We’ll see.

In the meantime, suppers are very simple—scrambled eggs, fish and chips, noodle soup with egg, peas, and sesame oil. (Actually, the last one is delicious and will be carried over when the editing is done.) Also, housecleaning is minimal, a lick and a wipe, as the old saying goes. When the editing is finished, there will be time enough for cooking and cleaning.

Many readers have commented on the color of Library Lost and how great it will look with Maya and the Book of Everything. Here is a graphic from Bookfly, the terrific company that designed the cover, which shows how the two books will look side by side.

What color do you think the third book should be?

42 thoughts on “The Book’s the Thing: Taking a Short Break from Blogging”

  1. I was thinking green too – complementary to red and it contains an element of blue from the first book. Good luck with your editing Laurie, you’re almost there! :o) xxx

    1. It really is. I have to admit I was surprised. I had been thinking about green, but I didn’t expect for others to thinks so, too. Purple has gotten a few votes, and I am keeping that in mind for the fourth book.

  2. Good luck with the editing. The covers of both books look inviting and I too, think green would be perfect for the next book.

    1. Thanks so much! I had been thinking about green, and that certainly seems to be the readers’ favorite, with a few votes coming in for purple. Also an appealing color.

  3. How exciting to be so close to publication and that you’re already working on the third book! Good luck with the editing and I vote for the deep purple suggestion. Love the graphic of the two books together!

  4. Very exciting about the forthcoming book! I often feel that blogging keeps me away from other stuff I’d like to do more of – reading books, for example.

  5. Hope the editing is going/has gone well. Such a long, finicky job but so worthwhile, I know. How interesting to see the choice of green predominating! We all like patterns and maybe the cool colour/warm colour combination appealed?

    1. Maybe! It is interesting that so many chose green and that I was considering the same color. The editing is going as well as it can. Phew! What a job! For me, harder than writing the whole book. 😉

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