Clif Meets the first Doctor

We never know where Maya and the Book of Everything will take us.Β  Last weekend, my book brought us to the Great Falls Comic Expo, which was in Lewiston, Maine. At the Expo, Clif got a chance to check out the TARDIS and meet the first Doctor. Lucky fellow!

Batman and Robin were also on hand to pose for a picture.

Never fear! The Lewiston Public Library was at the Expo to bring a bit of gravitas to the event.

Along with selling books, one of the great pleasures of going to various fairs and expos is meeting the other vendors.

At the Great Falls Comic Expo, we were next to the fabulous Johnny C, writer, director, producer, and barista.

And his friend Keith Gleason, who is the organizer of Plastic City Comic Con as well as a snappy artist.

Now, it’s time to return to Earth and finish editing my upcoming book, Library Lost. I’m coming down the homestretch and soon there will be a proof copy to go over.

Best of all, sometimes this week, the cover will be ready to share.

Busy but exciting times.

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