If There Are Chocolate Chip Cookies…

It can only mean one thing…the kids are visiting. In this case the kid is Dee, who is a cookie monster with a passion for chocolate chip cookies. (Yes, even though she will soon be forty-one, Dee is still a kid to me.)

Dee will be here for the whole week, and because she is a film buff as well as a cookie monster, we’ll be going to plenty of movies. The temp is supposed to hit the mid-90s this week with the dreaded high humidity, so going to air-conditioned movies will be the perfect thing to do. However, I have to admit I had hoped we were done with the high heat and humidity, which comes under the category of “No Fun at All.”

Back in the day… Well, not much point in mentioning what the old days were like, when late August in Maine was sheer delight. Anyway, this absurdly hot weather weather in northern New England certainly reinforces the need to reduce my carbon footprint.

On a happier note, we’ll also be celebrating birthdays—Dee’s is in October, and Clif’s and mine are in September. A little early, but we are all together so we will strike while the iron is hot, as the saying goes. Besides, this ties right in with my philosophy: celebrate early, celebrate often. This year won’t be the birthday palooza we had last year, when Dee turned forty, and I turned sixty. But though the celebration will be more modest, we’ll still have fun.

As Bill and Ted of the Excellent Adventures often said, “Party on, dudes!”

13 thoughts on “If There Are Chocolate Chip Cookies…”

  1. We spend a lot of time going to the movies in hot weather.. such a good way to spend a hot afternoon… have fun with your daughter, happy birthday to all & enjoy those cookies!

  2. Arrived in Rhode Island yesterday — dreadfully hot and humid, but just before dinner a front moved in and cooled us off delightfully… Anyway, deserts here are “squares” (brownies, lemon bars, raspberry bars, etc.). Enjoy the movies and cookies. – Oscar

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