The Generosity of Friends

It’s been quite a week. For starters, I made some absolutely delicious  granola that is so good that I will probably never buy another box of cereal. (We like having cereal on hand, not only for breakfast but also for busy nights when you want something quick to eat.) In the past, I have made granola but have had only mediocre results.  Not so with this recipe, which came from the blog Thrifty Frugal Mom.  This granola recipe really is as easy and as forgiving as Thrifty Fugal Mom states in her blog. I didn’t have any wheat germ or coconut, so neither of these went into the mix. I only had quick-cooking oats, so no rolled oats went into the mix either. It didn’t matter. The granola was still very tasty, and I have been eating it for breakfast every morning. Next time, I will be sure to have rolled oats on hand. Also some dried cranberries. Anyway, this granola will now be a staple in our house, thus reducing the excessive packaging and cost that come with boxed cereal.

And speaking of packaging…On a recent trip to Hannaford Supermarket, I brought two of my own bags for green beans and popcorn. I wondered if the cashier would be nonplussed by the bags from home.  She was not  and even stated that these bags were much better than the ones the store provided. Of course, we had to pay a little extra as Hannaford doesn’t weigh containers from home, and my bags are heavier than the ones from the store. Also, my bags are still plastic and will eventually wear out. But I’ll be able to get many, many uses out of my bags, unlike the flimsy ones from Hannaford, which really are pretty much single use. And my bags aren’t that heavy. So, success!

And to make the week even finer came a perfect summer’s day with low humidity. This is the view across from the Winthrop Farmer’s Market, where we buy our corn on the cob. Note how blue the sky and water are.

That night we had a meal consisting solely of Maine vegetables. Nothing else was needed.

Now what, you might ask, could possibly top all the delights I have described above? The answer: A box and two bags of vegetables left on our porch by my friend Beth Clark. She had dropped them off so early that we didn’t even know she had come until we saw the bounty on our porch. Her husband John had picked the vegetables for us the day before, and we were dumbfounded by the abundance, which included cabbage, Swiss chard, tomatoes, eggplant, and yellow squash. Both Clif and I were incredibly touched by Beth and John’s wonderful generosity.

Here is a picture of a few of the beautiful vegetables we found on our porch this morning.

As we might say in Maine, a finest kind of week.

27 thoughts on “The Generosity of Friends”

    1. It is so scrummy. Quite a lot of sugar, but I like the granola so much that I am reluctant to make it with less. And again, many, many thanks for the wonderful vegetables!!!!!

  1. How lovely to have neighbours/friends who leave fresh veggies on your doorstep… .. and your Maine views are beautiful too.

  2. I love cereal and that granola recipe definitely sounds like something I can handle. Loved the photos of the lake and Maine vegetables and we’re still waiting for a low humidity day. Thanks for including the recipe link.🙂

    1. The granola is so tasty that I’ve been eating it every day for breakfast. Next time I make it, I’m going to try decreasing the sugar just a little. We have had several low humidity days. I think it’s because we are farther north than you are.

  3. A dinner of new potatoes and really fresh green beans and sweet corn – looks like heaven! As long as there’s plenty of butter of course. We also have nights when all we want for dinner is cereal or maybe some scrambled eggs.

    1. Can’t beat fresh, local vegetables for supper. We frequently have scrambled eggs for dinner, and this time of year we add fresh, chopped herbs. And top the eggs with cheese. As my Yankee husband observes, pretty darned good.

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